Creating an administrative install of SSDT update for Visual Studio 2013

Creating an administrative install of SSDT update for Visual Studio 2013

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Since we are offering our VS2013 update via the Visual Studio update channel, there aren't any specific instructions on how to get the download if you need to create an administrative layout.  You may need to do this if your firewall or proxy settings do not allow some computers to access the download center.

You can either choose the update from within visual studio on a machine that has internet access and instead of running the SSDTSetup.exe, download it locally; or you can use this fwlink to get to the download:

*Disclaimer - this FWLink may change in the future, so while it works for the July update, that doesn't mean it will work for upcoming updates


Once you have the SSDTSetup.exe file downloaded locally, you can run the administrative layout command on a computer with internet access to create a copy that you can burn or place on a share

  • Run the following command using an administrator command prompt (cmd.exe run as administrator):

    SSDTSetup.exe /layout <destination>

    Where <destination> is the location you wish to create the administrative install point (e.g on a USB drive, a LAN drive or other accessible location). 
  • To use the install point once created on a computer without internet access, simply run SSDTSetup.exe from the <destination> location with no arguments. This will use the install point rather than attempting to download new copies of the relevant chained components.
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  • The setup won't work. I have latest Visual Studio Latest SQL Server and everything is fine. the setup after downloading even won't exit. On the other hand I waited long time, it won't download a bit of data,either.

  • Can you provide details as to how the Visual Studio update channel accesses the download center so that we can advise our network operations staff what would need to be configured for firewall or proxy settings?

  • Setup was ONLY successful when I right click and select run as administrator.

  • Thanks. It worked perfectly.

  • We have now created an MSDN page with these links that will be kept up to date.

    Danoosh, can you look at the install logs in your %temp% folder to see if there was something blocking it?  I've seen this on the forums, but can't find the thread.  

  • Download links:

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