A moins d’un mois et demi de la Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2008, les langues se délient.

Lu dans eWeek : Microsoft … plans to share the first CTPs (Community Technology Previews) of the Oslo deliverables at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference …. Those deliverables include an Oslo visual modeling tool that helps to simplify development by enabling users to diagram what their applications will look like, a new declarative modeling language for developers, and a modeling store or repository for managing the models and metadata.

Don Box described the overall effort :

“Oslo is a tool, language and a store that basically lets you express your intention, your requirements, what do you want the software to look like. It allows us to capture that as data, and then process that data, including actually being able to execute it, building the application in terms of that data.”

Et un second article eWeek pour aller un peu plus dans le détail.