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SSMA Feature Overview

SSMA Feature Overview

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TechNet Magize published an article which provide overview of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) features and how it can be used to support database migration to SQL Server.

SQL Server: Manage the Migration describes the main feature area of SSMA including migration assessment, converting database schema, migrating data, and testing database migration. If you prefer to watch video presentation, I recommend to watch the recording of the SSMA session at 2011 North America TechEd available from Channel 9.

  • How do i export the complete report? I need to email the report and hence i need to know how should I do it?  i see the report gets saved in the sub folders i can see it as i have access to that box. But if i want to send it in email and want someone else to see who does not have access to that box how do I do that?? where people can see complete report??

  • I have a idea,you can upload report files on a file server, and then provide a link  to send mail.

  • Which oracle client installation type right for SSMA

    1. Instant

    2. Administrator

    3. Runtime

    4. Custom



  • Neeraj, an Oracle runtime client should work.  

  • What are the limitation of SSMA for Oracle v5.2

  • Can we select only desired data from a table?

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