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Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 is Now Available

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 is Now Available

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Automating Database Migration to SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.2 is now available. SSMA simplifies database migration process from Oracle/Sybase/MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Server and SQL Azure. SSMA automates all aspects of migration including migration assessment analysis, schema and SQL statement conversion, data migration as well as migration testing to reduce cost and reduce risk of your database migration project. 

The new version of SSMA - SSMA 5.2 provides the following major enhancements:

  • Support conversion of Oracle %ROWTYPE parameters with NULL default
  • Support conversion of Sybase’s Rollback Trigger
  • Better user credential security to support Microsoft Access Linked Tables

Download SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v.5.2

Launch the download of the SSMA for Oracle.

Launch the download of the SSMA for Sybase.

Launch the download of the SSMA for MySQL.

Launch the download of the SSMA for Access.

  • Do I still need all of the prerequisites that are mentioned in a previous post? I have downloaded and installed this product but I am getting an alert saying it cannot access the server.

  • Can we use this to migrate Data from SQL Azure to any SQL server version like SQL 2008 or, SQL 2012??

  • Does SSMA 2012 convert attachment data?

    Would be good if it does!

  • Does this version  still need extn pack?

  • Hi,

    a) It'd be good if the SSMA team actually responded to the comments posted on their blog posts.

    b) Are you aware that the download is actually not working?

  • Hi there

    I let Han know there are questions and the links need updating. Thanks for posting.

  • I am able to download the product but upon launch when I get the license management screen it fails to download the licence after I sign in and submit my information.  Not sure if that is the same issue that AG_aus was talking about with the download or not but thought I would mention it just in case it is not, thanks.

  • I have the same issue as Vernon.  We are burning investigation time just trying to get a licence key to try the product. It will not be long before we conclude that staying with Oracle is the cheaper option

  • Hi folks. Thanks for letting us know. We found a link had been inadvertently removed. The link should be fixed now.

  • Hi There, still  having the same problem (now 6 aug).  Cannot download the license file: file not found


  • Hi,

    I am getting the same error as you described in your blog, however even after following all the procedure I am not able to resolve this issue. The error stack trace is exactly the same as you have "Must declare variable error messages". I am using SSMA for Oracle Extension Pack 5.2.

    I am migrating from Oracle 11g R2 to SQL Server 2008 R2. Just FYI, My SQL Server Collate Name is "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS".

    I am new to SQL Server. Please help me to resolve this error. If this is not the correct blog, please suggest me one where I can find solution.



  • Hi MB

    I apologize for the inconvenience. It took me a few days of escalating through channels to find that the license file had also been physically deleted. The file has now been restored.


  •  I am migrating 11gr2 to SQL 2008r2.  Is there any reason why SSMA doesn't migrate the oracle tables. When I run the tool and check the objects in SQL Server it only show the packages and procedures. No tables, views or any other objects. Any idea why that is?

  • The file does not download properly.....   Upon downloading the zip file is Invalid !

  • hi sam,

    there is still no license to download - 3 months and still not working

    maybe that license thing was not such a good idea after all :)

    but anyway we do need the proper file, so please fix it !!

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