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Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 is Now Available

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 is Now Available

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Automating Database Migration to SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.2 is now available. SSMA simplifies database migration process from Oracle/Sybase/MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Server and SQL Azure. SSMA automates all aspects of migration including migration assessment analysis, schema and SQL statement conversion, data migration as well as migration testing to reduce cost and reduce risk of your database migration project. 

The new version of SSMA - SSMA 5.2 provides the following major enhancements:

  • Support conversion of Oracle %ROWTYPE parameters with NULL default
  • Support conversion of Sybase’s Rollback Trigger
  • Better user credential security to support Microsoft Access Linked Tables

Download SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v.5.2

Launch the download of the SSMA for Oracle.

Launch the download of the SSMA for Sybase.

Launch the download of the SSMA for MySQL.

Launch the download of the SSMA for Access.

  • Sorry you're still having issues Rob and Jorg.  We tested this and were not able reproduce the problem. Of course that doesn't mean there's not a problem.  Please contact ssmahelp at microsoft.com if you're still stuck.

  • is really a shame.....

    you want to have data moved from MySql to MsSql and you (ms) bust our balls with a license that doesnt exist anywhere!

    that's why IT people choose oracle or linux!

  • j ai un probleme avec la migration des données . j ai une table de 900000 lignes a migré de mysql vers sql azure mais au bout de la 686000 lignes la connexion est perdu et la migration est interrompue

    helppp please

  • softdesigner.googlecode.com/.../mysql-ssma.license

    use that one...it worked 4 me..

  • Hi Robyscar! We are really sorry that we started on a bad note here as there might have been a momentary loss of service availability. Incase you don't have the file yet please email us at ssmahelp@microsoft.com we would provide you the license file directly. We would also assist you in moving data from MySQL to MS SQL Server  as and when you face issues free of charge.

  • Salut aa20120,

    En cas de grandes tables de la manière suggérée est d'utiliser la migration par lots. Une fois que vous avez défini SSMA vous avez la possibilité de spcifying migration par lots. Ainsi, vous pouvez le configurer pour migrer 500.000 lignes en une seule fois en spécifiant une clause where. SQL Azure est une architecture multi et essaie de faire la répartition équitable des ressources à tous les locataires et donc fermait très longues connexions en cours d'exécution. Les liens suivants vous aideraient


  • First off, I'm very sorry it took so long to get you guys what you need.

    If you ever get blocked feel free to contact ssmahelp@microsoft.com. Our support team is ready to help.

    I've investigated the missing license for the MySQL version and believe it should be downloadable again.

    robyscar - I agree with you that this is a real bummer... Migrations are hard and  something silly shouldn't get in the way of getting you the tools you need. I'm pretty new to this particular product. I have been investigating why it's this way. I haven't found an answer that I liked and yesterday have proposed changing this to remove the downloading of the license requirement for future downloads. It won't happen quickly since it's "working" right now, but I think it is a good change.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


  • The link to license registration page does not work, how can i get the license for SSMA for mysql v5.2?

  • Hi Fdo,

    Please open a ticket at support.microsoft.com/.../default.aspx and provide your email id. I will send you the license file for MySQL 5.2

  • This is pig-awful software, guys...did you collect a salary for this? After about half a day of installing everything I can only run a report on a source DB once or twice before I get what looks like null pointer errors.

    I have to persist as I have to use it but thanks, MS, for producing plop again.

  • Hi,

    I have to migrate Sybase to SQL server 2005, is it ok if I will work with SSMA 5.2 version or I needed older version of it?



  • When I run Migrate Data option in  SSMA, i got this error: Could not find stored procedure 'sysdb.ssma_syb.bcp_save_migration_package'.

    How to get install this stored procedure?

  • Hi Chirag,

    You should always use the latest version of SSMA. Currently, it is version 5.2. It supports SQL Server 2005 as well as 2008, 2012 and Azure. In order to use server side data migration (that is where bcp_save_migration_package is needed), you have to install SSMA Extension Pack (for Sybase, in your case).

    - Anton

  • Is there  user's guide for this migration tool?

  • Is it possible to migrate data from Oracle 11g to SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition. I know it works with the enterprise edition. I mean will SSMA work with the standard edition.

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