This stuff is so cool.  For years, before I started working for Microsoft, I was always wondering where the guidance from Microsoft was for designing applications.  Sure, I could find books on it; I could get lucky and one of the tomes I bought would have something useful, but it didn't feel like Microsoft was telling me anything.

Then came the PAG group.  For a while, it was just internal, but then it opened up.  Out came guidance for everything from setting up your internet data center, to designing web apps, to testing, and more.  And the application blocks!

Application blocks are bits of supported (via Premier) code that can save loads of time and expense.  Architects can use them as a great way to jump start their developers and supply a consistent code pattern for them for all kinds of things.  The data access block, caching block, even logging block are pretty cool.  Many more where that came from as well.

I'll be doing a lot about educating our enterprise customers about how to use these in during the next 6 months and beyond.