One of our managers brought his latest toy into the office today.  It was Gateway's top of the line model of the Media Center PC.  Very cool stuff.

Wide, flat screen.  Speakers built in, including subwoofer.  The PC guts are built into the neck of the monitor for a sweet design.  Keyboard and mouse are wireless.

This version had a CD/DVD writer, like 5 USB ports, firewire, SVID, Stereo/Digital audio out, and readers for CF and other formats.  Makes connecting video cameras and storage cards from digital cameras really easy.

I hadn't seen this one yet, but I've played with other models.  I'm “adopting” a local store to demo the product as well.  One day, when my wife tells me that I'm allowed to buy electronics again (I'm way over my quota, it seems) I'm going to get one of these puppies.