For various reasons, I stopped service with my PocketPC Phone and started service with AT&T and got a Motorola MPX200 SmartPhone. Nice and small, and very easy to operate with one hand. The more I use it, the more I like it. Smart stuff includes things like integration between the calendar and phone. For instance, if I have a scheduled block of time (BUSY) for a meeting, and I set the phone's profile to Automatic, it won't ring during the meeting. It figures that when I'm busy, vibration would be more appropriate. Another smart bit is that if a meeting has, say, the phone number and name of the person I'm meeting in it, I can open up the meeting and the phone number is recognized as such and I can click and dial it with no cut/paste or further lookup. Sweet! One of the things I did miss from my Pocket PC Phone was the ability to view some Microsoft Office docs, like Excel spreadsheets (useful for Christmas shopping lists) and Word docs. Problem solved - for $29.95, I downloaded and installed ClearVue Suite for the SmartPhone from WestVue ( I not only get to view Excel spreadsheets and Word docs, but also Excel charts, PDF files, image files, and PowerPoint slide decks! All that takes about 3.5Mb, so I installed to my SD card that has 128Mb. A bit slower than RAM on my old PocketPC Phone, but more than twice as much space. Three things I wish the phone had 1. A digital camera. Just "to have", since I have a nice Nikon D100. Just can't carry the Nikon around all the time. 2. Bluetooth for a wireless headset. 3. SmartPhone 2003 OS. The phone ships with SmartPhone 2002, which is what, a year and a half old? One of those things where Motorola has to do stuff, then AT&T has to tweak it, and do the customers really care?, etc. Regardless, it's still sweet.