One of the cool things I get to do as a field dev evangelist is host Community Dialog events for technology influentials. While some may wonder if this is a "love fest" for Microsoft groupies, it's really more of a social event to share information and network with people who are influential in the technical community. I've got an event coming up on February 6, 6-9pm, at a local restaurant, including great food and swag, and the invitees include leaders of .NET user groups, MSDN Regional Directors, and Microsoft MVP's. In addition, leaders of non-Microsoft groups, such as the local Java, Macromedia, Linux, Websphere, and BEA user groups were invited. Also notable are the leaders of the BDPA and the Network of Women in Computer Technology. If you're a leader of a technology oriented user group in the Philadelphia area (hey, as far out as Harrisburg or Allentown may be worth the drive) and have a group with more than 50 members, drop me a note about this. Also, if you're a lead of one of the mentioned groups and did not get an invite, also contact me - I went to web sites to find contact info, and if the site wasn't up to date, you didn't get the invitation. Now that I'm on a roll... if you're a Microsoft MVP in the area and did not get the invitation, you need to contact me. I can't just get your info from an internal lst - it's private! I'd be more than happy to see you there!