The meeting, held at SEI in Oaks, PA last night, had about 95 attendees.  Darn good in 20 degree (F) weather!

The first presentation was a PDC review by Mujtaba Syed of Marlabs, and had demos of Longhorn and Avalon.  The audience was very interested in XAML, and of course pestered me about release dates as in every other meeting.  My response, as usual, was "when it ships.:"  I just KNOW they're hoping one day that I'll slip.

We then had some good stuff from Mahesh Chand, from C# Corner, about GDI+.  Most people saw the huge performance and better developer experience with GDI+.

As a side talk, we had representatives for Artifact Software, who make a cool code sharing product, offering the user group some hosting and a code share license.  That would allow members to upload code, rate other peoples code, etc.  Basically, their product lets you work with artifacts (guess that's why they named their company as they did).