Over 130 small and medium partners attended the first of the quarterly ISV Community Days in Arlington and Philadelphia last week.  Steve Borg gave great presentations in both cities, and there was so much discussion around so many questions that he could barely finish on time.

At this one-day demo-driven event, ISVs found out how easy it is to develop Connected Systems today with Microsoft .NET. After an "über-demo" on how the future will look with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), developers and technical decision-makers were treated to an alphabet soup-like assortment of demos on:


§      Microsoft Web Service Enhancements for .NET Framework Version 2 (WSE 2.0),

§      Web service-Messaging (WS-M),

§      Web services-Security (WS-S) , and

§      An "end-to-end" walk-through of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004.

The next quarters events are all around Windows 2003 development, with some great stuff for developers.