Do you have a need to integrate with an application built with Java? Presenter Mitch Ruebush will look at the various techniques for interoperability between .NET and Java that are available. Discover the benefits and drawbacks of each approach as we examine in-process integration as well as out-of-process techniques like Web services, messaging, REST, remoting, third-party bridges, and Visual J#.


Come and learn how .NET and Java can peacefully coexist on your network. We will look at techniques that you can use to integrate the two platforms securely. The presentation will mostly focus on demonstrations, using actual code so that you will see interoperation in action.  We will use standard, widely used, or freely available tools like the Visual Studio .NET 2003, Eclipse, .NET Framework, WSE 2.0, Java, Axis, JBoss, and more to get the job done.


This is a technical event focused on current Java developers, as well as .NET developers that need to work with Java.  You will leave with an understanding of the many techniques for interoperation so that you can more confidently decide which techniques are best for your next integration project.



We will look at the following techniques for Interoperation:

In Process Integration

    Using Managed C++ to load the Java Virtual Machine and call Java Classes


Out of Process Integration

    Using Remoting and Serialization

    Web Services

        SOAP and WSDL

        Tools Available for each platform

        WS Specifications

    Using REST (Representational State Transfer)

    Data Tier Integration

        Shared Data Source like a File or Database



Security Issues and Mitigation

    Using AES Cryptography Standards

    Using WS-Security

    Single Sign On Techniques


Dealing with Binary Data

    SOAP and Base64

    WS-Attachments and DIME


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Mitch Ruebush, MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT, is a Consultant, Architect and Trainer for ING Direct, fsb. He has been developing, securing, and managing applications on the Windows and UNIX platforms for 14 years using C, C++, Java, VB, VB .NET and C#.  He speaks at many events, both local and national, and has presented webcasts around Interoperability that are available from He is co-author of MCAD/MCSD: Visual Basic .NET Windows and Web Applications Study Guide and MCAD/MCSD: Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services and Server Components Study Guide. He is currently co-authoring MCSE: Windows Server 2003 Network Security Design Study Guide for Sybex.