I've downloaded this, installed it, and started playing around with it.  If I can put together a demo, I may add it to my EntLib talk at VS Connections on Monday, but since I'm traveling over the weekend, it's up in the air. 

You need to have the latest build of Enterprise Library installed first, then instal the UA block.  One thing I found after installing is that the Configuration Editor is installed again with this applicaiton block, but only shows you the applicaiton blocks that are compiled in the directory that the configuration editor itself is stored.  Just copying the DLL's from the original Enterprise Library build into the UA blocks common directory lets you access them when building/editing config files.

From the UA Block page introduction:

The Updater Application Block is a .NET Framework component that you can use to detect, download, and apply client application updates deployed in a central location. By using the Updater Application Block, you can keep smart client applications up to date with little or no user intervention. You can also extend the Updater Application Block to use custom classes for downloading files and for performing post-deployment configuration tasks.

Specifically, the Updater Application Block helps you in the following ways:

  • It helps you implement a "pull model" for automatically downloading updates for .NET Framework applications.
  • It helps you perform post-download configuration tasks without requiring user intervention.
Note   This application block for .NET has been designed based on reviews of successful .NET Framework applications. It is provided as source code that you can use "as-is" or customized for your application. It is not an indication of future direction for application deployment within the Microsoft .NET Framework. Future releases of the .NET Framework may use a different model to address application deployment.