We had a great turnout for the PhillyDotnet User Group tonight, with over 100 members watching some cool ASP.NET presentations.

We started off with a topical presentation on Ajax (Asyncronous Java and XML), also referencing upcoming technology in future ASP.NET implementations called Atlas.  This is stuff that's been supported for a while - and we've used it with Outlook Web Access for years - but seems to have been "rediscovered" and is all the vogue now.  Don't think I'm deprecating it - this is really cool stuff and gives you a much nicer user experience with web applications.  See Dino Esposito's MSDN article from last year for an idea of what this is about.

After some user group business and announcements, the second presentation was given by Miguel Castro, Microsoft MVP and one great speaker.  Miguel wowed the group with his presentation about writing custom controls for ASP.NET.