The Philadelphia SQL Server User Group, Philly.NET User Group, and Microsoft are delighted to together host a special Philadelphia Development Community event with world renowned SQL Server expert Itzik Ben Gan.  This event is free but requires advanced registration.

SQL querying problems, especially the tough ones, have very much in common with pure logical puzzles and brainteasers.

Some SQL problems seem too hard, or impossible to solve; however, by applying pure logic you can often come up with short, efficient set-based queries.

By practicing logical problems that seem unrelated to SQL at first glance, you can improve your "outside the box" thinking, and your ability to solve tough querying problems.

In this session you will be presented with pure logical puzzles and brainteasers that require outside the box thinking, and also tough T-SQL problems that require logical deductions.

Itzik Ben-Gan is a Principal and Founder of Solid Quality Learning. A SQL Server Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) since 1999, Itzik has delivered dozens of training events across the US and Europe focused on T-SQL Programming, Performance Tuning and Internals, Administration, Implementation, Data Warehousing and OLAP. An accomplished author, Itzik has written many articles for SQL Server Magazine as well as articles and whitepapers for MSDN and co-authored the book Advanced Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000 (APress). Itzik's speaking activities have spanned more than 6 years including Tech Ed, DevWeek, PASS, SQL Server Connections, and SQLU Summits to name a few.

In the last 10 years Itzik has been involved in many projects covering various database related technologies. From manufacturing systems, through analytical systems, financial, performance and availability tools, SLA/SLM etc. Besides helping customers with their pressing needs, fixing their problems and optimizing their databases, Itzik helped the developers and DBAs in many of the projects shift to relational/set based "thinking", improving both the performance of their code and its maintainability. Itzik's main expertise is T-SQL Programming, Query Tuning and Internals, but he's proficient in other database areas as well. In 1999 Itzik founded the Israeli SQL Server and OLAP Users Group and has been managing it since.

Teaching runs in Itzik's genes - His father teaches mathematics, his sister teaches English and his brother teaches architecture. Itzik himself is a trainer in his heart and soul and has been teaching IT related technologies for 7 years. Itzik has over 16 years of experience in networking, programming in languages such as Pascal, VB, C, C++, along with designing, implementing, administrating and programming with Microsoft SQL Server. Itzik is the primary author for Solid Quality Learning's Advanced T-SQL Programming courseware along with being a primary resource within their T-SQL related activities.

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