You’ve heard the buzz about Indigo, Microsoft’s unified programming model for building distributed applications. Attend this FREE event and learn how Indigo technology will simplify your life.

With Indigo, you use the tools and language you’re familiar with, and a single programming model with all the functionality you need. And Indigo is built on standards, so the applications you write will work with applications on all participating platforms.

Join us as we build Indigo demos from scratch and see firsthand how it works. Stop struggling with the dirty work. Indigo makes it easy to develop secure, reliable, interoperable web services, so you can focus on what really matters.

Register today! Space is limited.

Every guest will walk away with:

  • An inside look at Microsoft's next-generation web services platform.
  • The ability to quickly build secure, reliable web services.
  • David Pallmann's Programming Indigo Beta 1 book
  • A special DVD of the latest Indigo bits, content, labs and demos
  • The chance to win T-shirts and an Xbox

See the Indigo Roadshow site for more info and to register for the event.  Watch this space for additional information as we get closer to the event.