I haven't posted for a while, having been out on infant care leave with my wife and new twin boys, and I've taken a new job outside of Microsoft at Computer Aid, Inc..  My new blogsite is:  http://www.geekswithblogs.net/sspotts/.

Microsoft was a great place to be, but the time and travel demands I was looking at just didn't balance with the time I wanted to spend with my boys.  There were several people at Microsoft that said that the work/life balance wasn't skewed enough towards time with their families, and they gave something up.  I wasn't willing to do that.

I'll still be active in the community, especially with the PhillyDotNet and one or two other user groups, but not the 15 or so groups I worked with in the past.  Look for a few Code Camp events coming to Philadelphia in the Jan/Feb timeframe :).