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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Cloud Essentials now includes Windows Intune

    Last week Microsoft released Windows Intune and I immediately heard from some of the startups I work with, “Microsoft should offer Windows Intune to BizSpark Startups.” Well, good news. Startup and other partners can now get access to Intune through Microsoft more
  • Blog Post: BizSpark Case Studies on Azure

    Hot on the heels of the case study we blogged about last week , it turns out the BizSpark team has put together a page with case studies featuring BizSpark companies on the Azure platform. You can check it out at the link below. BizSpark Case Studies more
  • Blog Post: MyWebCareer Case Study on

    I just found out that Microsoft has completed a case study on MyWebCareer . MyWebCareer is one of the BizSpark One companies that I work closely with on the East Coast. This is an awesome story of how a startup can build a business in Azure that would more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Apps with AppMakr and Free Marketplace Registration

    Starting today, you can build a Windows Phone 7 app quickly and easily using AppMakr . Check out the details below, along with information about getting Free Marketplace Registration for a limited time. Imagine developing an app in less than 30 minutes more
  • Blog Post: Tampa Bay Network Partner STAR Tec featured on

    STAR Tec is an incubator in that we work closely with in Tampa Bay Florida. Their TEC TALK events are held at the Microsoft office in Tampa and typically draw more than 100 entrepreneurs and business people each month. It's awesome to see them on BizSpark more
  • Blog Post: New Facebook Page for East Coast BizSpark Startups

    In an effort to keep our East Region BizSpark startups informed of events in the region, we’ve set up a new BizSpark East Facebook page. We’ll post upcoming events and information of interest to our startups in the region. I made a TinyURL for this at . Direct link to...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Hearts Developers With WebsiteSpark (via TechDrawl)

    Great discussion here. Microsoft Senior Director Larry Gregory interviews Tom Leonard from CentricSites about his business, the cloud, and the WebsiteSpark program. Full link .
  • Blog Post: Perez Hilton, "The Queen of All Media", Launches IE8 Web Slice

    Sean Seibel works with the top agencies in the world, helping them to take advantage of Microsoft technologies in the work they do. This is an interview with Ed Starr from BMF Media and Frances Calandra from Vectorform, sharing insights on partnering with Microsoft in building IE8 Add-ons. BMF Media...
  • Blog Post: BizSpark Startup Linxter Launches Azure Based MonitorGrid

    BizSpark Startup Linxter is launching a new product called MonitorGrid. It's a server health service that was conceived and developed as part of one of our BizSpark Incubation Weeks last year. I was able to talk to Linxter CEO Jason Milgram today about MonitorGrid and about the future of the project...
  • Blog Post: Case Study on BizSpark Startup Flickchart

    Microsoft just published a case study on Flickchart, one of my favorite sites on the net and one of my favorite BizSpark Startups. To me, this site shows off the awesome power of Microsoft Software in the hands of great coders and artists. So check out the case study and visit the site at http://flickchart...
  • Blog Post: Startup Interview with Silver Arcade

    At the recent Mix10 in Las Vegas, I was able to sit down with Christopher Bennage of Silver Arcade to talk to him about Silverlight games, XNA, Windows Phone, and about the future of their gaming platform. You can visit Silver Arcade, play some games, and even publish your own Silverlight games at http...
  • Blog Post: Sean Seibel talks to R/GA Chief Scientist Greg Glass about IE8

    Digital Agency of the Decade, R/GA ( ), has launched multiple IE8 Web Slices both externally and internally. Externally R/GA uses an IE8 Web Slice to allow users to have toolbar access to their breaking news, while internally R/GA uses Web Slices for business intelligence. In this video,...
  • Blog Post: Adding Members to your WebsiteSpark Account

    Quick video on how to add members to your WebsiteSpark account. This way your team members can all have their own login to download the software from MSDN. Each company in WebsiteSpark can have up to three members. For more information about WebsiteSpark or to sign-up, just go to
  • Blog Post: Register To Attend A Windows Azure online Workshop

    @HOME WITH WINDOWS AZURE Elevate your skills with Windows Azure in this hands-on workshop! In this event we’ll guide you through the process of building and deploying a large scale Azure application. Forget about “hello world”! In less than two hours we’ll build and deploy a real cloud app that leverages...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 Partner Training

    Visual Studio 2010 is here! The product launched Monday and we have resources for you on the U.S. partner portal , plus new courses available to you on the Learning Plan Tool to help hone your skills on this great release. Featured Training Partnercast: Selling Solutions with Visual Studio and Expression...
  • Blog Post: Registration is open for the Worldwide Partner Conference

    You can now register for the 2010 Worldwide Partner Conference. Details at the Digital WPC site listed below: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010: Infinite Possibilities Join us in Washington D.C. on July 11-15, 2010 for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) at the Walter...
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