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  • Blog Post: Git now fully supported and integrated into Team Foundation Service

    Here is great news for open source developers: Brian Harry announced today at the Microsoft’s ALM Summit that Git is now fully integrated into Visual Studio as well as the Team Foundation Service , Microsoft’s cloud-powered Application Lifecycle more
  • Blog Post: Rob Caron: Top Ten #Microsoft Developer Blog Posts for Monday

    Thanks to Rob Caron for posting these great links for developers today . Keep coming back for this information if you are interested in developing on Windows devices or if you currently do develop using Microsoft products and software. Jason more
  • Blog Post: 30 to Launch Azure at Seed Philly!

    Back in February we had a great series of Windows Phone 7 talks we did at Seed Philly that culminated in a demo night where startups showed off some pretty interesting Windows Phone 7 applications. During the weeks that we held the event, we heard from attendees, “Why don’t you do this with Azure?” Well...
  • Blog Post: BizSpark Startups: Get 90-days of free training from Pluralsight

    Wow, great new offer for BizSpark Startups from Pluralsight … Pluralsight provides high-quality training solutions for Microsoft .NET developers that can fit any schedule or budget. The revolutionary Pluralsight On-Demand! training library provides developers with instant access to a rich collection...
  • Blog Post: Adding Members to your WebsiteSpark Account

    Quick video on how to add members to your WebsiteSpark account. This way your team members can all have their own login to download the software from MSDN. Each company in WebsiteSpark can have up to three members. For more information about WebsiteSpark or to sign-up, just go to
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 Partner Training

    Visual Studio 2010 is here! The product launched Monday and we have resources for you on the U.S. partner portal , plus new courses available to you on the Learning Plan Tool to help hone your skills on this great release. Featured Training Partnercast: Selling Solutions with Visual Studio and Expression...
  • Blog Post: Interview with BizSpark Startup Xobni

    Just posted this to Channel 9 . Cool company, new version of the product. Xobni is an Outlook plug-in that lets users easily connect to their contacts through the various social networks. The program comes in two versions, one free and now a new pay version more
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