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Endomondo Keeps US Running…

Endomondo Keeps US Running…

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Endomondo has released version 6.0 of their highly popular Endomondo Sports Tracker application for Windows Phone. 

The application is TOTALLY FREE to serve as a personal trainer and fitness companion!

imageUsing the built-in GPS, Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks your fitness - running, cycling, walking and any other distance based sport. On top, you get audio feedback on your performance during your workout and your friends can follow you live and send you peptalks in real-time.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Features…

- Track any outdoor sport including duration, distance, speed and calories 
- Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising  
- Set a distance goal and have the audio coach speak to that as your target
- See your route on a map
- View history of workouts and study split times per km or mile
- … and Much More!


Also, the app running on the new Nokia Lumia 900 have received raving reviews!

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