Generally the success of an individual project has been determined by how well its requirements were met. However the larger enterprise is better served if great care was taken to determine what will be "best" for the enterprise and how the individual project fits within the larger community of projects prior to the projects start. This is not to say bottom up projects don't provide great value, or that only the authoritative enterprise knows what is best. Instead I am proposing that collaboration between the projects and the enterprise is essential for automation to continually add value.

Two side-effects from automation are driving individual projects into collaboration with the enterprise;

1- Many software solutions solve a problem for its users but create problems when commingled with other software.
2- Some enterprises are looking to move from reactive development to proactive management in such a way that makes IT an equal partner in long term planning.

We are well beyond developing software to solve a discrete business problem. It is so common and so easy to apply software that we now compete for data ownership, realms of responsibility, and money right along with other parts of the enterprise. (Consider the loss of control, funding, and head-count an HR department has to cope with when employees are provided a self-service portal.)

It is possible for an enterprise to benefit from Agility much as individual projects have; the only difference being the focus and scope need to be equally outward facing as they have been inward focused.