When you speak to a traditional architect you are likely to hear about defining a space optimized by the structure for an intended use.  Oddly, we in the software architecture world rarely discuss the space.  Instead we focus on the activities of the product or the structure of the parts.  That's fine for application architecture, but for me, enterprise Architecture needs focus on the space between the applications.


In reality enterprise architecture must deliver three interdependent parts;

            * A set models effectively mapping the political boundaries, the areas of responsibility, and the free zones

            * Governance providing, constraining policy, a vision of the future, and how to get there

            * A globally available repository of shared binaries


I believe we are moving from the open plain of the Wild, Wild, West to an era where we are fencing in the code cowboys.  No longer free to roam, many will be in fight or flight mode. Most however will find a code of conduct, predictability, and order a more inviting place than the wilds have ever been.


Our challenge is to create an environment where multiple software products can both co-exist and compete for a place in the business.  Allowing the software that most effectively aids the business in the performance of its mission to win out.  Good enterprise architecture makes it so much easier to build compliant applications that rouge projects simply can’t deliver.