I’ve been working with the .NET Enterprise Architecture Team (.NEAT),  patterns & practices, and other teams at Microsoft on planning for the TechEd Architecture track. At this point the session listing on the TechEd site doesn't show the organization of the track so I'm including a categorized listing here. Stay tuned for detailed information on the .NET Architecture Center .

Architecture General Session

            Metropolis: Envisioning the Service-Oriented Enterprise

Business Architecture

            Service-Oriented Business Architecture: A Conceptual Model

Application Architecture

            Metropolis : Building Applications in the Service-Oriented Enterprise

            Realizing Services Oriented Architectures         

            Smart Client Architecture Principles

            Factoring in a Service Oriented World

            Managing Service Oriented Architecture Using Existing Platforms 

            Building Applications with the patterns & practices Application Blocks

            Improving Application Performance and Scalability

Information Architecture

            Metropolis: Using Information in the Service-Oriented Enterprise

            Data in Services Oriented Architecture

            Enterprise Information Integration and Entity Aggregation in Service Oriented Architecture

Systems Architecture

            Bridging the Gap Between IT and Application Developers

            Defense in Depth with Microsoft Systems Architecture


            Enterprise Solution Patterns

Architectural Tools

            Tools for Architecture: Developing Service Oriented Systems

            Tools for Architecture: Designing for Deployment

Case Study

            Exploring A Service Oriented Architecture: Thompson Financial Case Study

Panel Discussion

            Enterprise Integration


            Guidance about patterns and practices