Bible Program for Windows Phone 7 screen shots.

Bible Program for Windows Phone 7 screen shots.

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Here's some screen shots of what the Bible program looks like right now.  No, for those of you that want to know, I only have rights to publish the King James Version, since it's in the public domain.  I'm not opposed to building it for other translations, but those are copyrighted and I haven't gotten the rights to publish them.

Here's portrait view:

The Book and Chapter picker:

Heres the application bar expanded:

The Daily Reading picker:


The Daily Reading Page:


Landscape View:

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  • Awesome!

  • Steve, I sent you an E-Mail to your public Microsoft address. I may be able to help you out with this.

  • Great!!!!! I would like to help. I can help with spanish if you want.

  • Great Job!

  • Great work... I will be glad to help too. :)

  • Great work... I will be glad to help too. :)

  • App looks great thanks. Just a quick question, how do you store the data - what format is the bible files stored as, and as for performance can you save them as datasets as would a windows app?

  • @Joachim -- Thanks.  I have optimized the file format for use on the phone -- it's a binary file that I open as a stream, and it contains indexes to help me find the locations I'm trying to seek to, among other things.

  • How about the NET version? (They'll public domain the non-notes version I think...)

  • I really like the simple clean look you have. I am glad people like yourself are putting fourth effort in this way.

    Pocket esword was not very finger friendly, however it was by far the best phone bible I had ever seen before they sadly stopped developing.

    One crucial feature they had was a KJV with strong's numbers below or in a green font beside. Would you be able to make this modular so others could upload other free translations, commentary, bible dictionary's etc?

    Sometimes when I get stuck I will go to a paraphrase, or look up the definition of a word and then try to find all the other spots that word was used. I have no idea how hard it is to implement but a tool like that on wp7 would be fantastic.

    anyways God bless and I hope this project goes smoothly

  • is this open source i would really love to translate to my native langauge thanks

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