King James Bible now available in the WindowsPhone7 App Marketplace

King James Bible now available in the WindowsPhone7 App Marketplace

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I've been so busy over the past few weeks working on good stuff for future releases of Windows Phone that I haven't had the opportunity to really mention that I've published my King James Bible program in the Windows Phone 7 app marketplace -- not just once but twice.

Version 1.1 which is available now includes the ability to change the color used for the Words of Jesus Christ; typically they would be in red, but I received some feedback from a friend that suggested not everyone can read red text easily.  I added a settings page which allows you to choose between red, no color, and using whatever the accent color of the phone is.

I also provide you a way to reset your reading plan, because long about January 1st you'll probably want that capabiity (at least I know I will...)

Anyway, if you're interested, here is a link to it in the marketplace.

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  • this sounds great! nice work. Have you looked at the features of Pocket E-sword? I have used that for the lasy couple of years and it lets you read the bible,compare different versions, check the Strongs Numbers and see the Greek and Hebrew, also multiple commentaries and really opens up the bible in amazing ways!

    Unfortunately support stopped with Windows Mobile 6 but your software reminds me of where it started (except yours is far more pretty!)...anyways keep going and I'll be keeping an eye on where you take it. God Bless you mate from chris

  • @chris - Thanks for the kind words. I played with pocket eSword a while ago when I had a WM 5 device.  I can understand why they haven't continued on with supporting WindowsPhone7 -- the development platform has changed.

  • Zune software Says "not available in your location"

  • @rick, which location are you at?

  • planning open source? i would really love to translate with my native langauge thanks.. you

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