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  • Steve Clayton's blog helped me discover FolderShare, a brilliant little application that lets you share...
  • It's not question of their CRM - but question if you remember your last stay or nope ;-)
  • Fair point TAG - fortunately this one I did remember but the last one....now when was that???
  • Good blog, it fits in with an intresting but disturbing white paper from a company called AirDefense on Wireless LAN Security. Intresting because it gives you links to tools that would expose vulnerabilities and crack WEP Keys, and disturbing as anyone can get hold of these tools!! If you are intrested the paper is at http://www.airdefense.net/whitepapers/hackers_request2.php
  • thanks Paul - appreciate the input and thanks for the link. I guess what this continues to prove is that security is a journey, not a destination and it's something we need to costantly be monitoring.
  • The problem with opening up your free/busy time is you'd also have to open up your location to make it useful. Its no good being free for 1/2 a day and needed in London if you were busy in Scotland in the morning. I know I've heard of one company that subscribes to their competitors sales-guys AIM screennames (you don't, or didn't need approval in AIM unlike MSN) because they had a habit of setting their name to where they were. In some one-company-cities in the good old US of A that reveals almost certainly who they're seeing...
  • Fair point and I suppose it boils down to how much i want to share and with whom. In this case I wouldn't want to share my location with the car dealer but if they offered my several "free" slots to choose from that puts the onus back on me to see which one fits with my schedule. Alternatively, if I did open up my location they could offer me the option of servicing my vehicle whilst I was in Scotland or even driving my to the airport, taking my car away for the duration of my trip and ensuring it's there when I get back.
  • Looks like Fiat are getting there
  • I forgot to mention Scoble's book - gotta go buy that. I'm surprised not to find reviews already on Amazon though...oh, and I just did, but only on the US site - http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/047174719X/qid%3D1142530097/026-2736010-5959646
  • The UK launch for People-Ready Business is not for a month or so, but with all the People-Ready Business...
  • I'm reading Scoble's book too at the minute - worth a look I'd say.  It is well researched and makes the case for why blogs will transform traditional views of marketing and customer relationship management.

    Also check out PubSub and technorati saved searches if you haven't already - they trawl for posts for you.
  • To add a little about IT as a cost center, I began looking at the terms Information and Technology.  In the majority of organizations I've seen, the IT departments are far more the stewards of information rather than involved in the gathering and use of that information in relationship to the profit center.

    I believe part of the reason that this came about is that most of the digital information organizations had was in the finance divisions of the company (which have always been treated as cost centers).  As a result, the groups that emerged to handle the technology early on came from finance and then expanded as a support role for the rest of the company as technology became more prevelant.  

    Looking towards the future, all IT managers should spend a couple of days a year working side by side with the sales staff, operations, and direct profit centers of the organization to learn what information is available and not captured or used effectively.  This is a first step that is safe for companies to take with the end goal being that IT departments are much more closely in tune with the information in the rest of the organization.  
  • Interesting comments on the role of the IT dept with respect to information. I've always worked on the basis that the IT dept provides tools to be a facilitator to other departments to harvest information but thinking this through more I can see what you mean given IT has been aligned with finance historically in some organisations. Maybe some of the challenge therefore is to ensure information ownership "sits" with the business group that owns it rather than arbitrarily with the IT group who may "house" it.

    It would be interesting to see if this holds true in organisations that have grown up with IT rather than added it and also if it holds true in smaller organisations where the lines or responsibility blur as people have multiple roles.
  • Way back in 1996, I saw a trailer for a Disney animation film. The trailer ended with the words "Disney.com" That's when I knew the web was ubiquitous (or would be)
  • that's pretty good goin - remember this though - http://www.microsoft.com/misc/features/features_flshbk_hp1.htm ?? the Microsoft "starmap" homepage. I remember spending way too long trying to make transparent images when I started doing HTML as all pages were grey back then!!
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