May, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    This photo needs a caption


    Last week during our PTS-TV filming of Steve Marsh I was taking a few photos as our team photographer Jo is away in Portgual. As I reviewed them today, this one made me laugh and must deserve a caption. Best one wins something…I don’t know what yet but something. How’s that for a competition!

    You’ll see Steve soon talking about Office 2007, Sales Academies but unfortunately not about the day the PTS team met Keira.

  • Steve Clayton

    Partner Team get on the sofa


    You may (or may not) be familiar with the hard copy Partner Update that comes out on a quarterly basis. The last version is available online with a peice by me on “Selling the Stack” amongst other things.

    The communications team have been takign a hard look at this format and looking to make it more appealing in both format, topics and layout. I saw a draft on friday of how it’s likely to look and I think you’ll be very impressed. I’ve seen a few copies of Partner Update still in their plastic wrappers at partner offices but hopefully this will help change things as it’s an important part of how we can communicate. This edition will cover topics including

    • Investment in Employee Training
    • Exchange 2007, Vista, Office 2007
    • Dynamic Data
    • Blogging Basics
    • Microsoft Who’ Who

    The last section is very cool – what we’re trying to do (at least initially) with PTS-TV is help introduce you to the team and this does something similar. You’ll see a number of my colleagues looking way too comfortable (and smart) on a sofa in the Bld 4 atrium. I’ll track down the photo and share soon!

    When the PDF is available, this link will become live.

  • Steve Clayton

    HDD VideoCam


    As I mentioned a few posts back, I’m about to buy a PTS-TV video camera. The good folks as Channel 9 suggested I go with a hard disk based camera and after some reasonable research this weekend I think I’ve landed on the Sony DCR-SR90E which has a 30gb hard disk and gets a strong review at CamcorderInfo. I don’t know much about camcorders though so if you have a view and would like to influence our kit, now is your chance.

    Failing that, if you want to meet up at Partner Conference in Boston for a chat ping me or schedule me with RIO.

  • Steve Clayton

    My week in review


    I didn’t blog this week as much as I had hoped to. It was a manic week (well, more manic than usual).

    • On monday we shot a few PTS-TV videos with Chris, Steve, David and John which you’ll start to see released this week. As always, the outtakes were classic moments and we’ll be including them at the end of each video. In the meantime, Mark and Dave found time to discuss Exchange 12, Virtualisation and other topics so they’ll be out soon too.
    • Tuesday saw me in London at a press roundtable with Lindsey from Computer Weekly. Stories - that was my output from the meeting. People like stories and get bored with stats. You can find stats all over the place but stories about software changing people’s live and businesses are compelling. Drive Assist, Christian Aid and Herman Miller are all good stories. I have another press meeting next week with Business XL and I plan to show up with more stories.
    • Tuesday also saw me join Karl, Andy Bradshaw and others at a Partner Roundtable hosted by Katie. That deserves a whole post of it’s own so it’ll follow this one.
    • Wednesday I met with Insight. Now there’s an interesting company – I thought they just sold portable hard disks to people like me via the web. How wrong I was - they sell BIG time in to the UK midmarket and I expect to be working more closely with them over the coming months. Mark will be pleased to know that they have lots of Aeron chairs :)
    • Thursday was what always going by really manic day - shooting videos for WorldWide Partner Conference. The folks at Touchstone were very kind in lending us their building for the day and we shot two great videos with them in the morning talking about the growth of their business, competencies, the PTS team and much more. That was followed by a shoot with Karen from Lynx who was on great form and talked about their use of a range of partner services and the forthcoming Contoso demo suite (more on that soon). Finally, the guys from BSG joined us (thanks Dave and Simon!) and we wrapped at 6 with some outdoor shooting. Dave Carmichael is now a pseudo celeb as people kept stopping tow ask who he was :)
    • Friday was my Vista day – after grabbing moments here and there on Thursday to install beta 2 and Office beta 2 I finally got time to get my data transferred and Outlook finished sucking all my CPU by building it’s index. As Jonathan says, it rocks :)


    A busy week then and here is what I learnt:

    • The PTS team can deliver killer videos and even better outtakes!
    • Stories work. The press like stories. Ideally exclusive of course :)
    • Partners struggle to find stuff not only on but our UK partner site. More on this soon
    • I should arrive on time to avoid be introduced by Jonathan Greensted. Scary.
    • Insight do lots more stuff than just sell on the web
    • Videos shoots can be stressful and fun at the same time.
    • Pret a Manger do a very good Malaysian chicken soup.
    • Vista is way more than just eye candy.
  • Steve Clayton

    Pinot Noir saves the day


    First my bro has better tech than me and now a friend just bought a Sony SZ laptop – I have MAJOR gadget envy (again). Whilst I have always said I wouldn’t buy a Vaio as they can be proprietary with connectors and sometimes slow with drivers, this thing is stunning. I spent 20 minutes in Selfridges convincing myself why I didn’t need one. A large glass of Pinot Noir later I had to get out before I bought it :) A close shave with gadget lust. When I see Vista on this I wonder if it’ll take a whole bottle of Pinot…
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