May, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Swarm: where is the IE add-on?


    I like tools like Swarm in the same way I like blogs – they open up the serendipity of the web. Despite a young lady called Becky being very popular on Swarm today (I didn’t click) there are lots of other sites you can find via this tool that other people are looking at. There is something quite “vista” about this page – similar to the way you can view photos in the new OS but maybe that’s just my 48 hours with beta 2 clouding my vision.

    What is Swarm? Basically it’s a visual map of where people are going on the web and it updates itself every second with where people are going and comign from. As a site becomes more popular so it gravitates towards the centre. At the moment this is based on anonymous submissions from the Firefox browser extension so lets hope one pops up for IE soon.

    As they say on their site, come with an open mind and you may find some really cool stuff. First glance shows a lot of hits to Google as you would expect, then adult content, and also PC World – which I assume means they send out PC’s with the browser defaulting to their pageAlternatively, go shopping for a new 32” LCD which is what I’m about to do having swarmed the web for research :)

    Question: how is this site going to make money and what are the ehthics of someone potentially making money from my footprints in the web-sand? (did I just invent a new word?)

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Football Scoreboard


    Okay, if someone else in the PTS team hasn’t blogged about this I’ll be astonished :)
    You can now download for free the Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard to keep up with the World Cup. We all know that’s a spelling mistake of course as it should be the Microsoft Football Scoreboard but hey…

    Now, if this was available as a Gadget for Vista that would be even cooler as it’ using up just a bit too much screen real estate at the moment. There are good options to minmise the size though and make it very transparent (very Aero Glass). I’m sure there’ll be a tonne of World Cup Gadgets though now that Beta 2 is out. It would also be nice to be able to change the font but that’s just me…I’m picky about my fonts.

    Having said all of that, it’s an essential new addition to your desktop and when I find I good RSS feed to add in to the Options I’ll post it here.  

  • Steve Clayton



    For those of you who have me on IM you will have seen my WeeMee (sounds rude but isn’t) over the last few weeks. I had the pleasure of meeting Celia Francis at the Geek Girl Dinner last week who runs WeeWorld and loved her business card – she’s holding a light saber on it (not sure I could get away with that on mine without it sounding rude) but I took the plunge and ordered some WeeWorld business cards – only 10 I’m afraid Celia! but they have had such an impact that I just oredered 100. People are now handing me back my lovely corporate business card and asking if they can have a Wee card. Much as I know my Wee image is cool, somehow I don’t think that’s what makes them want one. They’re just different, cool and make people smile. Best of all, they start a conversation which is what this blog is all about ;)

    I think I’ll do 100 limited runs and then change my WeeMee each time. Not that I’ll get a PodBricks like following but hey, you have start somewhere!

  • Steve Clayton

    Office 2007 screenshots


    okay, I’m up and running with Office 2007 on Vista beta 2. Tonnes of O2007 screenshots at eWeek and I have to say that my 2 favourite features are

    • Outlook Instant Search
    • Word’s blogging feature

    Grab the Office 2007 beta yourself (about 400mb for Pro) at . It took me about 45 mins on 2mb ADSL to download. 

    ….Now it’s time for bed as I’m off to shoot WWPC videos tomorrow in London. More on that soon!

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista beta2: installing now


    I'm expecting a Tosh M400 any day now but couldn't wait to install beta 2 so it's making it's way on to my M4 right now. Gadgets, glass, and UAP - I'll have it all within the hour. More importantly though I'll get ubiquitious search across the OS. In a short space of time I have come to rely on Windows Desktop search and it's made me lazy about how I do filing so I'm lets see if Vista can improve upon that.


    [update] – lots of screenshots at eWeek

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