May, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Sparky Jr: coming soon!


    Whilst we all loved Mark Deakin’s PTS-TV video talking about Windows Mobile, it seems our viewers are more interested in hearing from Sparky Jr. than Sparky Senior so we’ll be looking at putting the canine Deakin on the screen soon. Meantime, we managed to rustle up a few more PTS yesterday and have them chat with Katie about Vista, Sharepoint, Office 2007, Word blogging, Lotus Notes, fluffing, Stoke City, Robbie Williams, Business Intelligence, Business Scorecard Manager, Windows Media Player 11, Exchange 12, Virtualisation, 5 year service awards and much more. How much of that makes it in to video vs. out-takes remains to be seen but we’ll have more TV for you very soon :)
  • Steve Clayton

    Agent Alexander


    My friend Michala has been touring the UK (it seems like forever) and was interviewed this week by the BBC’s Digital Planet on software piracy. You can check out the MP3 feed of the interview now. There is a 1 in 3 chance that the software you have put on your PC is not legal and Michala and the team are out there helping to educate partners and about this with our Keep IT Real campaign.

    As Michala says, “By educating customers on how to purchase legitimate software, we can protect them from the risks associated with piracy. And by closing down channels for the sale of pirate software, we can reduce the impact of illegal trade on Microsoft's UK partners."

  • Steve Clayton

    Black is the new Mac


    Black Apple MacBook: Art or fashion? - Crave at

    An interesting review by CNET that made me smile as I knew a review like this was coming – the irony of Apple selling a black laptop seems lost on some. I have a wonderful, black Compaq M700 that is about 5 years old and has great design, a terrific screen for time time it was made…and it’s err, black. What goes around comes around. I love Apple’s attention to detail in their hardware design but there a lots and lots of black laptops around. The new Sony AR looks pretty cool but I’m still swooning over my friends Sony SZ. Yummy.

  • Steve Clayton

    Did I ask for iTunes?


    I just downloaded the latest version of QuickTime to view some videos I wanted to watch on the web – ironically the new Apple Store opening in NYC which looks like a great piece of architecture. When the 35mb download finished I am presented with an iTunes installation program “including QuickTime 7”. What’s that all about? If I wanted iTunes I would have asked for it thanks. Whilst it seems iTunes requires QuickTime I can’t think that the opposite would be true. So, in case you were looking for the standalone version it’s here - thanks to TechRecipes. Reminds me of having to scout around on Real’s site to find their free version!
  • Steve Clayton

    Star on PTS-TV: Partner Community Day


    Okay, if I can lay my hands on a DV camera before this time (highly likely) you can star on PTS-TV. I’m going to be at the Partner Community Day on 20 June 2006 at The Novotel in London (day before the Office Devcon). According to the invite for the Community Day it’s “chance to discover everything about Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system”…well, given it’s only one day I doubt we’ll cover everything but nothin like shooting for the stars eh. Seriously though, come along to hear:

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    • Our roadmap for Partners and the Windows Vista product
    • Solutions selling scenarios and demos for Office 2007 System
    • How to answer those tricky questions from customers like “why do I need this”?

    Worst case, I’ll buy you a beer and we’ll get you on camera and you can tell me what my team can do for you? And then we can go watch England put a few past Sweden.

    ps - any recommendations on a camera gladly accepted.