May, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Football Scoreboard


    Okay, if someone else in the PTS team hasn’t blogged about this I’ll be astonished :)
    You can now download for free the Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard to keep up with the World Cup. We all know that’s a spelling mistake of course as it should be the Microsoft Football Scoreboard but hey…

    Now, if this was available as a Gadget for Vista that would be even cooler as it’ using up just a bit too much screen real estate at the moment. There are good options to minmise the size though and make it very transparent (very Aero Glass). I’m sure there’ll be a tonne of World Cup Gadgets though now that Beta 2 is out. It would also be nice to be able to change the font but that’s just me…I’m picky about my fonts.

    Having said all of that, it’s an essential new addition to your desktop and when I find I good RSS feed to add in to the Options I’ll post it here.  

  • Steve Clayton

    This photo needs a caption


    Last week during our PTS-TV filming of Steve Marsh I was taking a few photos as our team photographer Jo is away in Portgual. As I reviewed them today, this one made me laugh and must deserve a caption. Best one wins something…I don’t know what yet but something. How’s that for a competition!

    You’ll see Steve soon talking about Office 2007, Sales Academies but unfortunately not about the day the PTS team met Keira.

  • Steve Clayton

    Girl Geek's - love 'em!

    London Girl Geek Dinners

    I went to my first Girl Geek Dinner last night in London and had a blast. I didn’t not quite what to expect and Eileen couldn’t make it so for a while I was the only softie and feeling a wee bit exposed (not literally). However, I soon felt part of the community. Sarah made everyone feel welcome, Ivanka reminded me that I love HCI, Barry made me laugh and Celia from WeeWorld was great fun to listen to and has the coolest business card I have seen on a long time :)

    We heard about Dragon’s Den and the poor level of entrepreneurship  it shows in the UK, we debated The Apprentice and swerved around the scalability of .NET question!

    Seriously, if you’re a Girl and not even a Geek you should go – it’s a fun bunch of people building a great community. I’ll be there from now on and will definitely eat more pork pies next time. I’m also going to try to help Sarah get one up and running in Manchester as I’m there next month so maybe we can bring something, or even some people together?

    Thanks for letting me come along and long may it continue!

  • Steve Clayton

    Did I ask for iTunes?


    I just downloaded the latest version of QuickTime to view some videos I wanted to watch on the web – ironically the new Apple Store opening in NYC which looks like a great piece of architecture. When the 35mb download finished I am presented with an iTunes installation program “including QuickTime 7”. What’s that all about? If I wanted iTunes I would have asked for it thanks. Whilst it seems iTunes requires QuickTime I can’t think that the opposite would be true. So, in case you were looking for the standalone version it’s here - thanks to TechRecipes. Reminds me of having to scout around on Real’s site to find their free version!
  • Steve Clayton

    IE7: how much will it cost me?


    I was chatting with Mark this morning and explaining to him why the IE blog gets a tonne of hits on – I said it had something to do with them embedding a link to their blog in the browser. When I went looking for it I couldn’t find it and then remembered “it wasn’t in IE, it was in Live Messenger Beta”. So, kudos to the IE team for generating so much community around the product without an embedded link (the irony isn’t lost on me given recent complaints about the default search engine). More kudos to the Messenger team though :)

    It did get me thinking though that surely there will be a day when ALL of our products have this kind of immediate feedback loop built in where you can connect with the product team and other people who care (or don’t) about the product. In fact, not just all of Microsoft’s products but all software products. It just makes sense - to me anyway. I want you to have a direct feedback loop in to my team but more on that soon.

    Meantime, my bet on the IE7 team: I’ll donate £50 to the NSPCC if the shipping version of IE7 doesn’t have this feature. And £100 if it does :)

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