July, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Free: Infrastructure Assessment Framework


    IAF: About The Process.

    Oooh, we love free stuff – Assess, Analyze, Plan and Deploy with this impressive collection of tools and templates.

    “The Infrastructure Assessment Framework (IAF) is comprised of a set of tools and best practices that will teach you how to discover new business opportunities with new & existing customers. It is designed to help guide you through the entire customer engagement cycle including the assessment of both business and technology needs to enable you to recommend the right infrastructure solution.”`

    What IAF Is and Is Not:

    • It's a framework and not a rule book
    • It's designed to be an iterative process to enable you to have a lifetime engagement with your customers
    • It provides a consolidated view of tools from Microsoft along with guidance on when to use them
    • It will help you engage with customers at the right level
    • It provides real-world guidance when targeting small & midsize businesses
    • It's an effective way to train your sales and consulting staff

    What can IAF do for you?

    • Shorten your sales cycle
    • Get paid to assess
    • Increase your conversion rate from prospect to customer
    • Become a IT trusted advisor
    • Sell more to existing customers
    • Expand your solutions offering

    The IAF was launched at Partner Conference in Boston last week and is well worth a look I reckon! Check out the`

  • Steve Clayton

    Exchange Server 2007 Is a Different Animal


    Exchange Server 2007 Is a Different Animal.

    I love Exchange Server - well as much as you can love an email server product :) I use it pretty much every day and rely on it more than any other peice of software as it delivers email to my PC, my Smartphone and my Pocket PC. It also allows me to get at email from any browser on the Internet and soon it will provide me access to voice mail and more. A new beta of Exchange Server 2007 is out in the wilds and eWeek has a comprehensive review and tonnes of screenshots too!

  • Steve Clayton

    We are the Superbrand


    Published in The Sunday Times (which is the Sunday papers) yesterday Microsoft topped a list of 500 so called Superbrands chosen. I have the book they published a few years back which has MSN (or Hotmail I think) in it so interesting to see Microsoft is now called out on it's own as a UK superbrand.

    check out the details at the Superbrands site and our entry in the book (PDF)

    What is a Superbrand?

    "A Superbrand has established the finest reputation in its field and offers consumers emotional and tangible advantages over other brands, which (consciously or sub-consciously) consumers want and recognize.”

    What are the 5 simple steps to Superbrand status?

    1. Superbrands Ltd. commissioned independent researchers to draw up an initial list of literally thousands of UK consumer brands.

    2. 1,200 brands were considered & scored by the Superbrands Council.

    3. The top 650 brands were passed to YouGov for the consumer vote. The total sample size was 2,373 and was statistically representative of the UK population.

    4. 2,373 consumers voted on the brands (statistically representative of the UK population).

    5. The top 500 were awarded Superbrand status.

  • Steve Clayton

    Treo 700W coming to Vodafone


    I post this partly because I like the graphic that Crave has put together above but mainly because it's a sign of how things change in this industry. When I started out in the mobile arena at Microsoft about 5 years ago Palm was our nemesis - everywhere I went I saw Palm 5 devices and took time to explain to people that things would change as we get our act together with Windows CE and eventually Windows Mobile. Though I now get frustrated at all of the Blackberry devices I see it's a real turnaround to see Palm shipping a killer device in the UK based on Windows Mobile. I've seen the unit in question and it's very nice indeed.

    Equally heartwarming for me is the fact that this is coming out via Vodafone. I spent countless hours with the folks in Newbury & Dusseldorf (and Seattle) trying to make this union come together and most of the time I never thought it would. As it happens, as soon as a moved away from mobile it all came together. They should have just told me...I would have moved much earlier :)

    Congrats to all involved. A proud day.

    Will you buy one? As soon as I can nail Jason down I'll get it on video :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Conference Calls


    More sunday fun with a great parody on conference calls from hell. Been here, done this



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