July, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Conference badges


    Once again I decided to forego the normal naming conventions of conference badges and went with Mr Clayton – well that’s what everyone calls me around here. I have a first name you know :) everyone laughed even more than last year when I decided to knight myself!

    the WeeMee cards went down a storm too and everbody I give one to wants to know where to get them – it’s easy folks, just click on Create a Dynanic WeeMee when changing your picture in Live Messenger or just go direct to www.weeworld.com

  • Steve Clayton

    MGX Day 1


    Day 1 of MGX wasn't the usual 12 hour marathon we have sometimes endured in the past. In fact it was a terrific day. We spent the day in the air conditioned luxury of the TD Waterhouse stadium which is home to the Orlando Magic and heard some really great sessions.  Lisa Brummel did the MyMicrosoft thing, we celebrated success way more than usual and our graduates made a LOT of noise - despite being out late I suspect. The set for this gig was amazing – I got some video of it that I’ll try post here but the graphic above was used a lot and the LED screens reminded me of being at a U2 gig. Coolio!

    The People Ready Business messaging came through loud and clear and it’s great to see more and more alignment around having business conversations and talking about solutions rather than product, product, product. The place is snowed under with PRB DVD’s today so expect more on it over the coming weeks.

    The mashup demo from Partner Conference appeared again as did a tonne of other cool stuff, notably from Jim Allchin with rocking Vista demos.

    So what’s the takeaway from Day 1: People Ready Business is here to stay – it’s not a fad, it’s a big differentiator but we need to explain it better to people. I’m gonna get a PTS-TV video out on it soon as it can be a tricky one to explain and after 2 Corona’s I’m not going to try right now!

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista: new build, new experiences


    I’ve really jumped on the Vista bandwagon over the last few weeks, testing it on 3 PC’s so far – Tecra M4, Acer 8100 and now a Tosh Portege M400. The latest test build appeared on Microsoft Connect this week so I diligently cleared the decks and installed. I’ve never been a big fan of upgrades so always go with a clean build of health which means backing up all my core data to a Maxtor drive, doing the install and then copying back across with my favourite multithreaded copy tool – Richcopy.

    What can I tell you? Well things are coming on pretty nicely in Vista. The UI is starting to get more fit and finish which is usually a sure sign that we’re closing in on release candidate builds. Drivers are still my main challenge for the M400 so stuff like FnF5 is quirky and some other keys don’t work but overall I’m happy sat here at 38000ft doing my email and sorting my photos with Photo Gallery - which I can’t believe I had missed until very recently. I also connected up a Freecom USB TV tuner last week and that worked a treat with Media Centre. Not sure that would go down too well with our pilot here though.

    Anyway, more views as I get more stuck in but things like the security popups have been dramatically reduced and Control Panel is going to save me hours of tech support with my family :) eWeek and MSWatch are reporting similar good progress stories.

    Meantime, Jensen has posted some screenshots of the new some new UI for Office 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    to NikePod or not?



    Last week a “friend” of mine encouraged me to shed a few pounds and I had to agree that too much Musar isn’t doing me any good so I started running last week. Painful but hopefully worth it. I’m keen on stats though so I need a pedometer – do I bite the bullet and buy the Nike kit to hook up to my iPOD? Before you ding me for the iPod bear in mind I have over 30 Windows Mobile devices in my posession due to a previous life in the Mobiel Devices group so I like to consider the pod and experiment on the dark/white side.

    Can I resist the Apple shop during my Orlando trip. Let’s see…

    meantime Nike has some pretty cool wallpapers on their running site

    [update] – oops, it was remiss of me not to mention the super cool RunDo application from the guys at Sentient!

  • Steve Clayton

    Orlando bound



    Once again I find myself in an airport waiting for a plane to whisk me to the US of A. Gatwick is manic at this time of year and as a bonus my flight is delayed with a notice of “plane being changed” on the board. I expect to be asked to run down the runway flapping my arms soon. C’est la vie…at least they have free Special K here :)

    Micrsoft Global Exchange is my destination which is our annual sales conference that we tend to book during the hottest week of the year at a hot city in the US. Fortunately we spend most of our time inside a large dome shaped building or conference centre of some sort listening to the great and the good of Microsoft update us on the years successes, failures and plans for next year. I have the PTS-TV video camera with me and hope to get some footage of several people whilst out here.

    I’ll be posting updates during the week using a new app that lets me connect to my blog from my Pocket PC as I’m not up for hauling my laptop about with me all day.

    [update] one thing I am convinced we do better than our US counterparts is airport arrivals. Why do my bags need to be checked a zillion times before they can come in to the country. 2 hours to get through the airport…it almost beat the Atlanta world record!

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