July, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Free: Infrastructure Assessment Framework


    IAF: About The Process.

    Oooh, we love free stuff – Assess, Analyze, Plan and Deploy with this impressive collection of tools and templates.

    “The Infrastructure Assessment Framework (IAF) is comprised of a set of tools and best practices that will teach you how to discover new business opportunities with new & existing customers. It is designed to help guide you through the entire customer engagement cycle including the assessment of both business and technology needs to enable you to recommend the right infrastructure solution.”`

    What IAF Is and Is Not:

    • It's a framework and not a rule book
    • It's designed to be an iterative process to enable you to have a lifetime engagement with your customers
    • It provides a consolidated view of tools from Microsoft along with guidance on when to use them
    • It will help you engage with customers at the right level
    • It provides real-world guidance when targeting small & midsize businesses
    • It's an effective way to train your sales and consulting staff

    What can IAF do for you?

    • Shorten your sales cycle
    • Get paid to assess
    • Increase your conversion rate from prospect to customer
    • Become a IT trusted advisor
    • Sell more to existing customers
    • Expand your solutions offering

    The IAF was launched at Partner Conference in Boston last week and is well worth a look I reckon! Check out the`

  • Steve Clayton

    the best coffee in London


    • I’m at home in god’s little acre this weekend (The Wirral) and surfing the web from the comfort of my brothers garden. England just lost their game against Portugal which meant a second bottle of Italian red is being savoured. The wine here is good but I miss London coffee. Seattle is coffee central but London has probably the best coffee I have ever tasted and I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while as it’s a hideaway from our SoHo office but given we’re moving from there soon I can safely let the cat out of the bag and hope it’s not going to turn in to Microsoft’s alternative coffee shop.

    Flat White. There, its out. If you’ve been then sorry for sharing our secret but if you haven’t you should go. Run by cool antipodeans and serves truly amazing coffee. These guys love coffee and though sometimes you have to wait, trust me, it’s worth it.

  • Steve Clayton

    PTS-TV: Deakin on Media Player 1



    The latest installment of PTS-TV sees Mark talking to Dave about Windows Media Player 11 which is in beta. It’s a big leap forward and Mark tells Dave what’s going to give him the URGE and see the boys struggle with Arctic Monkeys

    Stream (9 mins)
    Download (35mb)

    Deakin’s music collection is the most worrying part of this video. Anne Robinson???

  • Steve Clayton

    Free Download: Assessment and Deployment Solution for Midsize Businesses


    Another of the announcements you may have missed at Worldwide Partner Conference:

    The Assessment and Deployment Solution for Midsize Businesses (ADS) provides partners with a quick way to assess a customer’s IT environment, create a network diagram, and produce a proposal to upgrade the customer’s network infrastructure to the latest Microsoft software. It can also save time by automating network deployment. I guess you coudl argue that this removes a potential revenue stream in initial consultancy on network design etc but my guess is much of that type of service form a partner is pro-bono. Maybe I’m wrong

    Anyway, definitely worth a look as it’s a free download to all registered members of the Programme.

    “The tool works by first performing an automatic network inventory of a customer’s IT environment. Upon completion, it automatically creates a Visio diagram of the network environment, and generates a project proposal. The proposal contains an implementation plan based on the customer’s current IT inventory and migration scenario. If the cycle moves on to a sale and eventually to the deployment of new Microsoft software, then the tool will also automate most of the deployment tasks, significantly reducing your time and effort while helping to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.”

    check out Flash Demo`

  • Steve Clayton

    PTS-TV: John Westworth on Collaboration



    I think my recent travel schedule meant I missed posting about this PTS-TV spot with Westy (aka John Westworth). He’s talking to Katie about Microsoft’s collaboration solutions and his past history in the land of Lotus Notes, how he is trying to make himself redundant and his fantastic manager….he does have a good sense of humour :)

    outtakes are back in this one too and be sure to check out John’s killer blog.

    Stream (9 mins)
    Download (35mb)

    ps – you’ll notice I have linked to an alternative PTS-TV site here than our normal one as this contains categories and feeds which is where we want to take things so you can subsribe to just the stuff that interests you. let me know if you have thoughts on it….even if it’s just “yeah Steve, it’s very orange dude”

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