Compute Cluster Server resources

Compute Cluster Server resources

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I was pootling (a UK word) around our Partner Portal today looking for some Office Live stuff and came across a pretty cool page of resources around our Compute Cluster Server product. We have quite a bit of focus here at the moment and a good friend of mine is product manager in the UK so I promised I would help raise awareness around it :)

If you're interested in High Performance Computing CCS is our entrance in to this marketplace. What used to cost $40m now costs $4k and CCS can deliver some serious computational power that has plenty of uses beyond the atypical scientific communities.

The article gives a good overview and Mike Pallot is about to start blogging on it.

Finally, there is a cool video on CCS from TechEd

  • You may be interested in looking here:


  • thanks Ken - just had a look and that's a very cool site. Much appreciated
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