August, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Top 10 Best Presentations Ever?


    A cool Top 10 list that is going to be useful for me - I have to give a presentation at our UK Partner Conference in late Sept and need to make an impact. Off to learn from the masters! 

    Maybe I need to buy Beautiful Evidence too?

    Link to KnowHR Blog » Blog Archive » Top 10 Best Presentations Ever

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  • Steve Clayton

    Property mashup - tip of the iceberg


    I was chatting with Gurprit from our developer group this week about potentially great examples of mashups I'd love to see and came back to my hobby-horse of estate agents. I've seen a few demos of using geo data and mashup up with Google Maps or Virtual Earth but normally US based so I was delighted to find via TechCrunch UK. They have a cool AJAX search that mashes with Google Maps and presents cool results which I think could be visualized in a very cool way with Windows Presentation Foundation for a client side application. What was a bit disappointing though was the RSS link on their page didn't really seem to do anything. It would be great if I could search for a particular type of property and then have that as a saved search with RSS feed which then populates my Outlook 2007 inbox. Extate has a similarly cool search engine but no mapping on RSS output.

    So much untapped potential here. If I were an ISV I'd be all over it and banging down Foxton's doors!

  • Steve Clayton

    New Google Service Offers 24x0 Support for Business Users


    Now there's a headline! I came across this via Mike's site and whilst it's attention grabbing there is a serious side to this both from a Google point of view and our own hosted services such as OfficeLive that the market needs to be educated on. In the era of Hotmail and Gmail people have grown to expect solid service from these free offerings but when you take that approach in to business there are some ramifications that take further exploration. Service level agreements, confidentiality and support and the three that come to mind immediately.

    There's a good interview by Rafe Needleman over on C|Net about the Google apps and discusses support, security and comparisons with OfficeLive. To be honest there isn't enough detail to make a judgement but it's good that the questions are being asked of  both us and Google.

    Exciting times ahead and plenty more to come on this discussion I'm sure.

    Link to New Google Service Offers 24x0 Support for Business Users 


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  • Steve Clayton

    Why we need GadgetGirls


    Nuff said:


    Cell Phone Overkill


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  • Steve Clayton

    Gadget Angels and Geek Squads


    I'm surprised that PC World or someone like that hasn't launched a UK version of Best Buy's Geek Squad but Comet has done something similar. Katie pointed me towards the Gadget Angels formed because apparently

    "three in four women who own a mobile phone do not know how to use it" (new research claims.)

    Based on this and following a study of 1,000 customers, Comet is introducing Gadget Angels, an all-female team of experts who will spearhead a new campaign to break down female 'technofear'. Cool...wonder what the job adverts read like and how the interview process goes?!

    Maybe we need something similar for blokes we don't know how to use the washing machine...oops, can of worms there I think...

    One thing I think they have wrong though is the assertion that men spend time reading the manual to learn new features. Of course we don't read manuals....we just  know this stuff. Honest. Never looked at a manual. EVER!

    Seriously though, I think this is a good initiative and like I said earlier, I'm surprised other retailers haven't seen the opportunity for similar concierge services.

    Link to Feature of the Month

    Link to Gizmodo review (note use of the word "broads")


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