September, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Running from Vista search


    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Instant Search in Vista and I'm using it more and more to speed up my access to application, files and more. Once you get used to search - for documents in particular - you'll me amazed at how much crap you still store on your PC. Or maybe that's just me :)

    Regardless, I still miss the Run command from the Start Menu and in case you do too, you can add it back with a right click on the taskbar, choose properties and then select Start Menu and click on Customize. Down ye old list there you'll find the following


    Click on Run and there you have it.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Vista nugget: customize network icons


    I was chatting with Long today and it reminded me of something I've been meaning to blog about for a while - some of the cool UI fit and finish that is coming through in Vista build. One I really like a lot is the ability to customize the icons for the network you are connected to - this may seem overkill but it has some real life us - like when I'm on the train and connected via my 3G phone I can see with a glance at my system tray. Allow me to explain with the help of some screenshots:


    1. Connected to my home WiFi network called Monza, this is the default look in the network & sharing UI

    2. Okay, now a click on the Customize link next to monza (private network) and I get this dialognetwork2
    3. Click on the Change button and this dialog is presented

    4. I choose the House and Click OK and I see the next dialog

    5. Finally, the change is also shown in the network properties in the system tray


    I LOVE this attention to detail in the UI and the high res icons available. I'm off to find more cool stuff like this and if you have it, feel free to share!



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  • Steve Clayton

    On10 provides Zune downloads


    Hope you like my Zune bunting :)

    I just watched the video of the guys at on10 with a couple of pre-prod Zune devices showing the wireless sharing. Cool demo and then I noticed the small icon they've added beneath that blog posting - download of the content in Zune format of course :)

    Lets hope we start seeing this icon in many more places from late November onwards.  

    Link to Sharing Songs and Pictures with the Zune | Duncan Mackenzie | Microsoft 10


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  • Steve Clayton

    UK EVO tour: competing with 007



    We're going on the road and taking on the Casino Royale bandwagon! 

    IDC predict partner services opportunity to be around €47billion euros on Vista alone and we're keen to get that message out to our UK Partners on their doorsteps. We've been working on this for a while and the dates are now out - the UK PTS team is getting on the road to talk about Exchange, Vista and Office at a series of events around the country. All we're asking for is 90 minutes of your time to show you what $20bn dollars of investment looks like. It represents a massive opportunity for Microsoft partners and during this session, the team will show you (free from Powerpoint) what these products deliver.

    Register now to avoid missing out


    You should attend if you want to:

    • Understand how EVO solutions can solve real business problems. This 90 minute session will focus largely on demos which you will be able to take away with you at the end of the session.
    • This session provides the starting point for a wider activity of partner readiness which involves a number of Learning Paths which you can preview at the Partner EVO Microsite.
    • Understand how to position the different products and SKUs appropriately for your customers

    This series of events will be followed by a 1 week tour when the same content will be delivered at 5 cinemas in 5 days. We're competing with James Bond but expecting to draw a bigger crowd and contribute more to the UK economy through partners than 007.


    Where will we be?


    • 25th October - ICC, Birmingham
    • 6th November - Microsoft Campus, Reading
    • 8th November - UBC, Manchester
    • 9th November - Watershed Theatre, Bristol
    • 10th November - Cavendish Centre, London
    • 16th November - Microsoft Campus, Reading
    • 21st November - Showcase Cinema, Leeds
    • 16th January - UBC, Manchester

    Register now to avoid missing out

  • Steve Clayton

    Annemarie is back soon

    Your Last Post

    I spoke with AMD about her slow down on the blog front today. She's back from holiday and back blogging soon...looking forward to it after a great start. Maybe I should have just sent her the latest bLaugh cartoon


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