September, 2006

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    My Partner Conference slides



    I presented at our UK Partner Conference this week and was due to talk about solution selling. I decided to change my pitch slightly to talk about how the group I work with can help partners make more profit and have less pain in doing so. I also changed my slides from the norm of bullet points and way too many graphics like many Microsoft slide decks. The change seemed to be very well received and it was great to hear that people liked my somewhat unorthodox slides. Several people asked for a copy of them so here they are:

    My UK Partner Conference Slides (4.5mb)


    So what did I bang on about? Well mainly the terrific resources we have within the Partner Programme that people often don't know about. Given I'm owning our skills strategy this year I wanted to get a few key resources across:

    • Demo Showcase - over $1m of investment to deliver 45 highly professional, fully scripted solution based demos. Check out Chris's excellent 8 minute video
    • Gear Up - it's the sales bible and we're just about to see the 3rd edition in the UK that has lots of Vista and Office 2007 content. Please, please, please get a copy of it as it has details on every product and licensing schemes. If you can't wait, grab the PDF version (9mb). You may also want to check out the Gear Up site
    • Learning Paths - this is the way we'll streamline the delivery of training content with Core content and Optional content that leads you through a logical path of training be that online, offline, blogs and more.

    There is a tonne of other stuff I could cover but these 3 areas are crucial and if you're not using them as a partner, you're missing out.

    Pre Partner Conference I did a shortened version of my presentation which was captured on video. It's always a bit weird seeing yourself on video and even though I wanted to do this PTS-TV style and be a little more ad-hoc, Emma and Jim talked me in to the blue screen gig.  


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    The change list...and thongs


    I don't think the thong is really me but I like Karen's change list. Some of it is obvious stuff but I've been thinking a lot more about giving presentations over the last few days and this list would be a good reference to use as part of a future presentation - it's a bit Tom Peters I think. I like the mix in particular though:

    8. Personal identity becoming more unsafe – creating more needs for protection.

    16. IPV6 a new zone for career opportunity.

    Unusual ones to have on the same list but both true and the mix itself makes it thought provoking which Karen wraps up in the following:

    AFTER READING ALL OF THE ABOVE, HERE IS YOUR NEW GOAL: Seek out all of the untapped opportunities in all of the above. Brainstorm up how your career talents solve problems, meet needs, quell fears, help to impel the necessary change for a better world.

    That's a conference in itself :)

    Link to DAILY Life Booster Blog!: The world is constantly changing. Don't forget to change with it!

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    Hot laptops



    Nope, not of the stolen kind but the fiery battery kind. Seems Toshiba has joined the battery recall frenzy which means I need to go check my stash of kit as I'm pretty Toshiba heavy and not sure I have fire insurance in Clayton Towers.

    Link to BBC NEWS | Business | Toshiba joins Sony battery recall

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    Dealing with email overload: threaded views in Outlook


    I read an email on James Senior's blog this week that made me think about how I deal with the volume of email I receive. Although I own the email address I thankfully don't get the email from it directly hence don't have his external spam problem to anything like the same extent. It did make me think about sharing one of my favourite things about Outlook though and that is the "threaded view" I found several years back that I use on almost all distribution lists I am on. Here's how it works:


    • For any subscription list or distribution list (DL) you are on, create a folder and a rule to route all of the email to that DL to be put in that folder. That's the easy part that most people work out quite quickly
    • Now click on that folder and and then choose View, Current View, Define Views and you will see the following


    • Now click New to create a new view - lets call it Threaded and make it available to All Mail and Post Folders


    • In the Options Section, select Group By Conversation (Ascending) and Sort by Conversation Index (Ascending). In Other Settings, uncheck Use Compact Layout and also uncheck Always show unread and flagged messages in Arrange by Conversation


    • Okay, I know that sounded massively complex but now click Apply View and you will be delighted with the result. I hope. It should look something like this - albeit with your email, not mine ;)


    This arrangement allows you to view the subject of a discussion and if not interested you can delete all emails associated with it VERY quickly. It also allows you to see a threaded (I.e. timed) version of the conversation if you do choose to read it. When you get as much email as I do this view is a lifesaver for me and I hope it works for you!

    Comments/improvements welcomed! LifeHacker has a similar discussion but I I couldn't find screenshots in the post/replies so decided to go that little bit further, just for you!


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    A new partner micro site is born!


    I know I blogged this earlier in the week but I couldn't resist doing so again just to highlight the great looking site - and it has content too :)


    The guys have tried to mimic the Vista Aero look and feel with Flash and have done a pretty good job I think. Oh, and as Charlotte noted, make sure you download the Partner Opportunity White Paper that's in the Partner Programme pane - it's very insightful

    Link to Partner Perspectives : A new partner micro site is born!

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