September, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    RSS explained Oprah style




    I've tried my best to explain RSS to lots of people recently with varying levels of success so this is a welcome guide in Winfrey style. I like the BBC guide too but this one is great and I love the graphics. If you don't know what RSS is or want a good explanation, go check it out as "RSS can help you live your best life online"

    With only 5% of the web audience knowing what RSS is and that 5% knowing it's a radical change not only to the web but also publishing, advertising, software development and more it's high time we starting raising awareness with posts like this. At the very least, it will explain this icon for you:


    Oh and I love the style of writing on this blog. In particular

    "Currently, you can only do live bookmarking in Internet Explorer if you have IE7 which is still in Beta. Oprah translation: Non-geeks cannot do live bookmarking in Internet Explorer because it’s not done yet"

    Link to Back in skinny jeans: How to explain RSS the Oprah way


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  • Steve Clayton

    Is my blog crap?


    I don't think it's completely crap but Hugh's latest cartoon was nicely timed as a I spent last week removing some of the clutter from my blog such as the ZoomClouds image that showed what I am talking about most regularly in keyword/cloud format. All very nice but if you ready my blog you probably don't need that and if you don't read my blog you probably don't need that. In the next cull, Clustrmaps will go - back when I had few dots on the map I used to relish checking it each day but this week I realized I have a reader in the Galapagos Islands so consider myself to have made it on to rung two of the blogosphere. Admittedly, I'm no Scoble or Kawasaki but I'm prepared to make the leap to the next snake on the board without the Clustrmap waterwings. Editing of my blogroll will be coming soon (I can hear the blogosphere quaking) and perhaps even a redesign if I can dust down my CSS skills.



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  • Steve Clayton

    Jargon Watch: Gaffer Dazzler



    This is going to be my newest category on the blog - a blatant copy from Wired's long running column and I'm likely to nick a few from there (being a scouser and all it seems fair). My first one though is largely unknown as far as I can tell from a deeply thorough web search (i.e. 5 mins on Live & Google). Here goes:


    • Gaffer Dazzler
      Explained by Patrick Head, Chief Engineer of Williams F1, as a demonstration of technology purely to impress the boss (aka the gaffer). Patrick showed a series of computational fluid dynamics demos during a recent talk at The Design Museum and noted that several of them were fine examples of a Gaffer Dazzler and that he had no idea why they were ever built.


    Got something you want to submit to Jargon Watch? Send it my way and I'll find some swag to reward you with.


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    [note - blogged from a Virgin Railways train using GPRS via Vista and my QTEK 8500. This stuff works!]

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista 5728 released: get it quick!



    Weird...I heard this was coming and expected it to be on Connect but it's publicly available which is great news :) I hear from others that it's better than RC1 which really should be something. Off to download myself now whilst watching the Ryder Cup.

    Note: "We are making this release available for a limited time only (and only by download) in order to get broad distribution and testing in a variety of PC configurations"

    [update] I found via JCXP that the build is actually on Connect and is 2.6gb for the X86 version

  • Steve Clayton

    Nokia teams up with Microsoft


    When I worked in the mobile group on Smartphone and Pocket PC, I used to get asked this question all the time by operators and press. Well, it's finally happened - but not a handset partnership. Nokia will use Live Search for N Series and S60 series phones. Surprising to me given their preference for Opera's browser and I think they had used Yahoo in the past but I may be wrong there.

    A small but potentially very broad reach partnership for Microsoft. Not that it will make me switch my phone to a Nokia. I'm still loving my QTEK 8500 but very tempted with an iMate SPL

    Link to Nokia Adds Microsoft Live Search


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