October, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    How to speak like a BBC newsreader


    Handy stuff from the Daily Mail to keep you on your toes with BBC English including phonetics for commonly mispronounced words. Smashin...oops, I meant maaah-vel-uz

    The most complained about is a MUCH better list with BBC's suggestions. I assume they phone the Queen just to check these out of course?

    • Harass - harr-uhss
    • The letter H - aytch
    • Debris - deb-ree

    This one still has me baffled though...

    • Menzies Campbell (ming-iss)

    Though handy to know that the Beeb is hip to times

    • KanYe West (kahn-yay west)

    Personally I'm more up for Radio 5 language which is way off piste :)

    Link to How to speak like a BBC newsreader | the Daily Mail

  • Steve Clayton

    What did Microsoft learn from Vista?



    MJF sits down with Jim Allchin to find out and we get a very open, honest and frank insight in to the building of Vista. Most answers are *much* more detailed than this one you will be pleased to know:

    Q: But inside Microsoft’s Core Operating System Division (COSD), it seems you already knew about building modularly and were doing development that way. How much more modular can you get than you were?

    Allchin: Much.


    Link to » What did Microsoft learn from Vista? | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com


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  • Steve Clayton

    No blog weekend?



    I'm off to Barcelona this weekend and am travelling technology light (well, relatively...) so I doubt there will be much blog action from me. However, simply pick up a copy of The Sunday Times and it'll be very similar to reading my blog but without the rapier wit of course :)

    Apologies to Hugh and Sarah for a blatant edit of the Barca Girl Geek logo but consider my trip a small pilgrimage on behalf of the GGD to find the best bars and restaurants for the 7th and 14th of November soirees.

    Adios til Tuesday! 

  • Steve Clayton

    The ultimate Vista demo DVD



    We're going to be bringing the Demo Readiness Toolkit (DRT) to our UK Partners very soon. James and Matt are working on this and in the same way that Chris's work is helping to accelerate the usage of Demo Showcase, and hence stack sales, we hope the DRT accelerates partner capability around Vista (and Office).

    What is the DRT?

    It's a demonstration image that you can load directly on to a PC in the same way you would install an operating system. The big difference is the operating system is populated with settings and media to simulate an end-user PC experience. It provides an out of the box demo experience saving you from having to put all your down demo settings and content in there which for those who have done this stuff before can take up several days to get to a killer demo. The DRT is based off Windows Vista Ultimate and includes: demo scripts, hardware recommendations, presentation resources, and release notes.

    My bet is this can save 1-2 days of demo building hell which means more productive sales teams, faster.

    Watch out for our registration site coming up very soon. We've going to provide a way for partners to order the CD rather than drop it from the sky as my theory is that when people take the time to actually come along an register for this DVD, it's more likely that they will actually use it rather than it becoming a coffee coaster. Agree?


    Link to Windows Vista Partner Site

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista and nVidia demo video


    Pretty nice promo video from nVidia - the voice over is a little cheddary and it's just a little too long but hey, PTS-TV ain't perfect right? Oh no..hang on...it is...


    Video: Windows Vista with Nvidia Geforce


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