October, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft: change the world or go home


    A new poster from Hugh MacLeod - I like it a lot and plan to paste it around the building as liberally as I can and to see what Mr Ballmer thinks of it :)

    Hugh gives a few explanations for which are:

    • Microsoft telling its potential customers to change the world or go home.
    • Microsoft telling its employees to change the world or go home.
    • Microsoft employees telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
    • Everybody else telling Microsoft to change the world or go home.
    • Everyone else telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
    • And so forth.

     and then paraphrases with

    Basically, Microsoft is in the world-changing business. If they ever lose that, they might as well all go home

    That's what I say to people a lot when they said what is my job? I work for a company the changes the world. Maybe I drank too much from the firehose but I do believe it. I spent a day with Microsoft Research last week and that continued to make prove the point to me. I know not everyone will agree that we change the world for good (I'm expecting a tonne of flak on this post) but when you see some of the projects and causes that software touches you can't help but feel humble about it. I'm hoping to help our UK citizenship team get a blog up and running soon to show you some more of this.

  • Steve Clayton

    Start Me Up


    Vista has this to beat for launch videos. Tough act to follow if you ask me (which you didn't I know).

    Video: Original Microsoft Windows 95 Commercial

    [update: video on YouTube for people who like to go that way]

  • Steve Clayton

    Developers: Get Ready for Vista



    Jim Allchin was evangelizing to the dev community a couple of weeks back about getting ready to ride the Vista wave:

    "If you want to ride the wave we're creating with Windows Vista, the best way is to have your application ready by the time we ship,"

    If you're a developer in the UK and a Microsoft Partner, we have a 2 day course for you to get up to speed. Come on, show us your dev skills. I neeeed more gadgets :)

    Link to Microsoft's Allchin Tells Developers to Get Ready for Vista


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  • Steve Clayton

    Dude, what happened to PTS-TV?


    A little while back with some help from Katie Ledger, the PTS team and I kicked off something called PTS-TV. For the newcomers, PTS = Partner Tech Specialist. Basically tech gurus who's job it is to share the love on Microsoft products and solutions with our partners. The idea was to copy Channel 9, steam past them with cooler content and take over the world. Well, not quite but it's fair to say we took our cues from the C9 guys in terms of what we tried to do. The idea was really to explore how we could use new mediums to extend the reach of 6 guys to 30,000 partners.

    Content wise, we got about 18 videos out showing who the PTS team are and introducing you to technologies like search, Vista, Exchange 2007 and more. We also posted our fair share of out-takes....and then the stream ran dry :( The bean counters pulled the plug and said "this is crazy and we don't get it". What's more, partners didn't visit the site and our efforts were in vain...another sad failure.

    But wait...that's not true in fact PTS-TV got great feedback and we've been hunkered down planning Partner-TV. Yep, later this month we're hoping to re-launch PTS-TV with a wider set of interviews from folks inside and outside of Microsoft. We have our GM, Natalie Ayres, down for interview, Karl Noakes (our gaffer), Gordon Frazer (the new Microsoft UK MD), Andrew Herbert (MSR Director) and many more folks within our own group talking about the sales, marketing and technical aspects of working with Microsoft. We're also looking to add a podcast based on lots of feedback from the UK Partner Conference. If we can’t use new technology ourselves to reach our audience I think the irony would soon be spotted.

    All in all, the feedback has been terrific but has made us step back and think there is much more we can do with these new mediums so we appreciate your patience and we'll have something to announce to you very shortly on Partner-TV...I always knew I wanted to launch a TV channel :)

    Thanks in particular to Tim Wallis, Paul Russell, Dave Jones, Terry Doherty, Scott Millar, Richard Jones and Paul Meadows. All great partners who encouraged us to go do it



    Link to PTS TV

  • Steve Clayton

    Banksy in Liverpool


    Went looking for it today but it's gone in the ongoing reconstruction of the city. More cranes than Berlin at the moment.

    [update] not sure how I missed it but it's still there on the corner of Berry Street and Duke Street.

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