October, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft: change the world or go home


    A new poster from Hugh MacLeod - I like it a lot and plan to paste it around the building as liberally as I can and to see what Mr Ballmer thinks of it :)

    Hugh gives a few explanations for which are:

    • Microsoft telling its potential customers to change the world or go home.
    • Microsoft telling its employees to change the world or go home.
    • Microsoft employees telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
    • Everybody else telling Microsoft to change the world or go home.
    • Everyone else telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
    • And so forth.

     and then paraphrases with

    Basically, Microsoft is in the world-changing business. If they ever lose that, they might as well all go home

    That's what I say to people a lot when they said what is my job? I work for a company the changes the world. Maybe I drank too much from the firehose but I do believe it. I spent a day with Microsoft Research last week and that continued to make prove the point to me. I know not everyone will agree that we change the world for good (I'm expecting a tonne of flak on this post) but when you see some of the projects and causes that software touches you can't help but feel humble about it. I'm hoping to help our UK citizenship team get a blog up and running soon to show you some more of this.

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista: poor man's NetStumbler



    Nice tip from Josh on doing a bit of war driving with Vista. Go to a command prompt, type netsh and then

    wlan show networks mode=bssid

    The geek in me likes that :)

    Link to The In-Between : Windows Vista (security) tip: poor man's NetStumbler

  • Steve Clayton

    Start Me Up


    Vista has this to beat for launch videos. Tough act to follow if you ask me (which you didn't I know).

    Video: Original Microsoft Windows 95 Commercial

    [update: video on YouTube for people who like to go that way]

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista gadget: BBC Radio Player



    It's embarrassing to admit that it took president of EMEA, Neil Holloway, to highlight this to me but I guess it's his love of football that meant he found it before me. A very cool Vista gadget that allow me to get all the BBC radio channel including Five Live Sports Extra. Given my team is often on that channel instead of the main Five Live station it's a result!

    We neeeeeeeeeeeed more Gadgets people...send me your links!


    Link to Windows Live Gallery - BBC Radio Player

  • Steve Clayton

    Banksy in Liverpool


    Went looking for it today but it's gone in the ongoing reconstruction of the city. More cranes than Berlin at the moment.

    [update] not sure how I missed it but it's still there on the corner of Berry Street and Duke Street.

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