December, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft search mashup


    I found a link to this video via Gary who is keen that we do something similar here in the UK. Hoping Paul Murphy or Paul Foster may be listening to this :)

    It looked like a very cool day though the beer was a bit close to the laptops for my liking. It's just cool to see us doing this kind of stuff and I wonder if it'll be extended our externally? Either way, if it means more stuff appears more quickly on or elsewhere that sounds like success to me.

    Meantime, whilst we're on search check out this video of Scoble's tour around Google's Kirkland campus. Some similarities and some differences to Microsoft like good food and open spaces.

    Link to MASHUP DAY! A Meeting of the Minds at Microsoft! | Tina Wood | Microsoft 10

  • Steve Clayton

    Blogosphere winos


    The post I found from Hugh and reposted here last week has got some serious coverage in the UK mainstream media this weekend. To recap, Thresher offered a 40% off voucher to suppliers and mentioned they could send it on to friends and family. I'm not sure if they had reckoned with the blogosphere power of Stormhoek and Hugh but this thing spread like wildfire (or perhaps a good viral marketing campaign). This sounds suspiciously clever to me

    "The initial email was to our suppliers and we included a bit saying 'feel free to send it to your friends and family'. That obviously is a fuzzy number but we didn't suspect it was going to be very much at all.

    Good marketing me things given is represents an additional 7% off their existing offer on wine of 3 for 2.

    I called in to a Thresher this evening (purely for research purposes you understand) and when I asked the dude behind the counter about how many vouchers he'd seen he sighed heavily and said "lots...and lots". I'll be back there tomorrow on a champagne run :)

    You can still grab the coupon from Stormhoek - the power of the blogosphere. Quite scary really.

    BBC TV coverage
    Telegraph coverage
    Mirror coverage
    Times coverage

  • Steve Clayton

    Making an Urban Splash


    Good night

    Off to a party in Brum tonight to see the reopening of the legendary Fort Dunlop. I'll be disappointed if they don't have seats made of bald tyres!


    Our friend Hazel of Shed KM is lead architect and worked with a team to bring this old building back to life. I heard that the building itself cost a cool quid which seems like a bit of a bargain now. The insides were filled with cool offices, cool beer and plenty of "cool" people. The Urban Splash mob know how to throw a good party though with wristbands including tokens for booze and food. Nice!

    We had a great night so thanks to all involved and big thanks to Hazel who was amazingly still standing at the end of the night!

    I tried to find out why it was called Fort Dunlop on the evening but couldn't find anyone sober enough to answer so found out via Express and Star that

    "The largest brick-building in the Midlands, it was named Fort Dunlop because it was “the stronghold of the British tyre industry”.

  • Steve Clayton

    9 years old today



    I'm 9 years old at Microsoft today. It doesn't seem that long since I left the cozy confines of AstraZeneca to head south and setup home in Reading but lots has happened since then. I came here to work on Internet products like proxy server & Internet Explorer and then weaved my way through Site Server, Sharepoint, Knowledge Management, Mobility and in to the world of partners. 9 years can fly by. I'm on a training course all day today so tricky to blog but as the day allows, I'll drop in here and here I'll give you the good, bad and ugly snapshot of that time:

    The Good

    • The people I get to work with. Too many to list here but in 9 years I've made some great friends across the globe and made more today.
    • BillG - I've been fortunate enough to see him speak on many occasions and when he's on his game there are few, if any, better people to listen to. I think there are better presenters out there, but not many who have such interesting stuff to share. On two occasions I've had the chance to watch him up close. That's special. And scary.
    • The constant learning. It's exhausting and exhilarating.

    The Bad

    • The lawsuits. It's knocked lots of things out of shape and for good reason but it's taken some things too long to recover. Like our pride and people's view of the company. I want to fix that.

    The Ugly

    • My growing waistline :)
    • My decreasing knowledge of our products as we now have so many!


    ....more to follow soon....

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