December, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Web 2.0 week interviews


    I've been catchin up on my favourite feeds using Outlook 2007 over Christmas and read 3 great interviews from Matthew on Web 2.0 - he managed to get time with 2 interesting commentators.

    All great interviews and well worth 10 minutes of your time to get some insightful views on the future of IT, the web, marketing and more. A couple of things that sparked my interest:

    • not sure I agree with the suggestion that someone couldn't replace Wikipedia. Whilst it's a great site I think it could present the data so much more easily and offer API's that would provide amazing applications on top of it. The data is valuable for sure but someone can come along and do it better and steal a march. Google vs. Yahoo is the best example in my own experience.
    • the realization that Norwich Union offers pay as you drive insurance based on where, how fast and how far you drive.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Previous convictions



    Didn't know Banksy had 3 previous. Books that is I'm sure he has more than that in convictions :) I just bought Wall and Piece for my brother and checked Amazon reviews only to find there are 3 more. There go my Amazon vouchers...except Amazon don't have them in so I have to buy from another bookshop they link to. What's that all about? I thought Amazon was the great library in the sky? Maybe I'll have to trot down to Waterstones revamped store in Chiswick tomorrow. Even more, what is Waterstones up to using Michelin maps. First site I have seen not using Google Maps or Virtual Earth.

  • Steve Clayton

    100 most useful websites according to The Guardian


    I found some useful new site here but also lots of familiar ones. Rather than repeat the list, just jump on over there as they're nicely categorized. Here's stuff I found from them and some useful new sites I stumbled across this Boxing Day


    My additions

  • Steve Clayton

    New gadgets!



    Thanks to M3 Sweatt for his manicure saving tip with this recommendation for the Open X tool. I'm off to the US soon so planning to pick one up and test drive.

    Needless to say I should have spotted this via the Shiny Shiny blog


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  • Steve Clayton

    Will the real iPhone please stand up



    Well it came early - last week in fact. The much heralded iPhone....from Linksys. I expect the Apple boys will still launch their version in January but who knows what they'll call it now? iBlower? iDog(&Bone)?

    Regardless, I'm still very keen to see how this pans out and what approach they take as having worked with the 4 major UK mobile operators and seen the modest success of the ROKR with Motorola I think the approach will be very different and may not even involve an operator. The phone market is notoriously fickle and a the price wars in the UK are very real which means a premium product such as the one I expect Apple will ship will have a tough time. However, the UK market is also massively fashion conscious so that plays in to their hands as I'm sure it will be the coolest looking handset available. Though will Apple choose to sell only in their stores or with the major players like Carphone Warehouse?

    Fortune has some views more thorough than mine where they speculate on the options Apple may have for market entry. The tough part is these may play out okay in the US but buying wholesale airtime from Cingular doesn't exactly provide the global reach of an MP3 player you sell at retail where you can control much of the end to end channel and experience. Fortune has some good suggestions but they're way too US centric given the size of the European and Asian market and the influence they both have. However, selling via folks like eXpansys may be an interesting route if Apple can produce a device that has enough cachet for people to buy it SIM free rather than the normal "free" from a phone store price.

    One thing is for sure. This is a very different battleground to the iPOD and though I'm sure there is lots Apple will bring from that learning, there are players like Nokia, Vodafone, Motorola, NTT, Verizon, ChinaMobile, Samsung and many others who will make this a fierce battleground. This is going to be very interesting to watch.

    Link to BBC NEWS | Technology | iPhone surprises technology world

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