December, 2006

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft lithographs: coming soon


    Blue monsterjason


    James and I just collected a limited edition run of the Blue Monster lithographs from Stormhoek Towers. Mucho gracias to Jason and Hugh :)

    Hands up who wants one of the limited run of these puppies? More info soon....

    [update] okay, I can sense we may be inundated here so my plan is to put all the names in a hat on Christmas eve and announce the 10 winners on Christmas Day and for those who still want one but don't get drawn out, I'll add 3 more on to eBay on New Years Day with all profits from sales going to Microsoft UK's chosen charity, NSPCC.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Syncs with Ford


    Just read this over on FeedTheBull and I hope it's true as it will help shift us (the collective society, not Microsoft) to where we ought to be with in car computing. Not that I'm saying everyone needs this but when you spend a few hours of your day on the M4 often stationary, there could be some benefits. Whilst Exchange's Outlook Voice Access doesn't require any specific integration as it works right now, it would be great to be able to have things like my Zune device integrated. Lots of potential here and even more when Ford and others start connecting this up to their dealer networks and roadside services for much better service experiences. I know many people will think this is just too much technology and a potential safety risk but I'm on the other side of things - I think this has massive potential for integration with web services like mapping, traffic, car repair, tyre companies etc etc. I can see it now...tyres need changing (like mine did recently), car connects to Kelkoo or something like that, finds the cheapest tyres and someone who has them in stock and then maps this on to your in car LCD using Virtual Earth. Lots of potential business models there too. Hmmm

    Link to FeedTheBull - Microsoft Partners with Ford

  • Steve Clayton

    Another old Microsoft ad


    Video: Microsoft - Realizing Potential


    25 years ago a company was started based on the idea that technology was the key to unlocking human potential.

    I don't know where this came from or even whether it's official or released. It's several years or so old but I think it's brilliant. It's the closest I have seen to an advert that talks about Microsoft the way I'm trying to. Talking about a company that makes software that can have an amazing impact on people's lives. Okay, it's not perfect as I think we need to tell this through stories but it's much better than some of our recent ads and clearly somebody spent some cash on it to have a Moby soundtrack. Very cool.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Elf Yourself



    Hours of fun (well, a few minutes maybe. Trust me.

  • Steve Clayton

    Santa uses


    It's true and I was chatting with him on Live Messenger only a few moments ago. He assured me that Liverpool will get 3 points at Blackburn on Boxing Day. Off to the bookies!

    He also confirmed the names of his reindeer and mentioned it was a tad cold at the North Pole so he had his winter coat on. I asked him what colour his coat was and he replied

    I used to leave a big lump of coal in the stockings of naughty girls and boys, but I don't anymore, because it's bad for the environment

    Ha ha ha....the dude is totally wired this year with his own Live Space and starting on Christmas Eve morning, you can follow Santa's Journey around the world and ask him when he will arrive at your house. To learn more about talking to Santa, go to

    Full details at or just add to your contact list and begin chatting with the man himself. Or his he a woman?

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