Microsoft lithographs: coming soon

Microsoft lithographs: coming soon

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Blue monsterjason


James and I just collected a limited edition run of the Blue Monster lithographs from Stormhoek Towers. Mucho gracias to Jason and Hugh :)

Hands up who wants one of the limited run of these puppies? More info soon....

[update] okay, I can sense we may be inundated here so my plan is to put all the names in a hat on Christmas eve and announce the 10 winners on Christmas Day and for those who still want one but don't get drawn out, I'll add 3 more on to eBay on New Years Day with all profits from sales going to Microsoft UK's chosen charity, NSPCC.


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  • Looking good.

  • Count me in

    gareth_mcaleese (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  • I want one!!!


  • sign me up

  • todd "period" brooks "at" truistic "dot" com

  • I already have a printed copy on my office door!

  • I also want one!

  • Me, Me, Me!!!

    kip - at - liveside dot net

  • Please

    laurie at iama#demon#co#uk

  • Please enter me for one. michael at

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • one of those would be so cool!

    Jerry.Gamblin at

  • Last minute add! atiensivu at (let the spam begin!)

  • Hope I'm not too late (bet I am)

    jaytechcomputers -at-

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