January, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Turning Dreams In To Reality



    Gordon Brown talks about a "unique global company" and sets the scene for BillG to talk about a his philanthropic work and technology. 90 minutes long though Gordon and Bill use approximately 50 of those minutes to talk and then switch to Q&A following that is the real juice so stick with it.

    Bill quotes Andrew Carnegie who said "to die rich is to die in disgrace" and then goes on to talk about how technology can have a positive impact on the world, life, education and more. He was on great form and I only wish more people saw Bill talk like this. Take away his PowerPoint and you get the real Bill. Ask him questions you and get the real Bill. Part of the reason I think I work here is simply to be in the distant presence of greatness. Some people will think that's sycophantic but it's not. The guy is incredibly smart, articulate and humble and it's a pleasure to work for the company he created from his dream. A friend of mine at uni used to have a business card that said "turning dreams in to reality". It captures the essence of Microsoft for me but then so does the Blue Monster :)

    Anyway, there really is some fascinating stuff in here and I loved the question from the guy of the Youth Forum. Good on ya! Check it out on Holyrood TV. Brown cracks a few good gags and talks a lot about the role of technology in lifelong learning - I was quite shocked when he talked about blogs!

    Fine work by my colleague Mr O'Hare and others to help bring this thing together!

  • Steve Clayton

    UK Mac ads


    Brilliant - I don't agree with the content of course but you have to laugh at Mitchell and Webb's delivery style. So much cooler than the US ads. Be nice to see them do the ads in WMV too of course.

  • Steve Clayton

    Kiwi Vista



    Get a New Zealand vista for your Vista desktop...or any desktop really but looks great on Vista with Aero glass :) A free download from Microsoft Downloads.

    [update] Scott sent me a link to many more NZ images

  • Steve Clayton

    bubbl.us - brainstorming with style



    I've never really got my head around the whole mind map thing but I know plenty of people who use them so maybe they'll find Bubble.us of use.

    Link to bubbl.us - brainstorming with style via Lifehacker

  • Steve Clayton

    3 Productivity Tips For Blog Readers



    Over the last week or two, I've met up with several different people in Microsoft UK who are looking for advice on starting a blog. I'm no expert as there are others in Microsoft UK who have been at this a lot longer than me but given they asked I gave it some thought and after the 3rd meeting I got me lines down pat. My main advice was as follows

    • Learn to love Technorati - register yourself, check your pings and find out who is linking to you
    • Link back to them....when people connect to you, share the love. It's what the blogosphere is all about
    • Don't do a team blog. This is my personal opinion but I think people like reading other people and getting to know them...you can't do that with a team blog
    • Read all your comments and reply to all of 'em
    • Use IE7 or Firefox to open multiple home pages and use stuff like a Google Blogs or Technorati search to see who is talking your topic and then connect with them.
    • Use images - they bring stories to life. Duh! I use Tim's Flickr plugin for Windows Live Writer
    • Bring your personality to your blog.

    What would you add?


    Glenn Wolsey has 3 Productivity tips for blog reading that are very useful

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