March, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Banksy exhibition


    I'm off to see a Banksy exhibition today in London and whilst some of his "art" is on sale, I doubt I'll be buying any as it'll be out of my price range. I'll be interested to see what that price range is given some stuff recently went for >$100k !!

  • Steve Clayton

    There are places I remember


    Off Topic Alert

    This is why I'd never have made a good journalist - I just couldn't write stuff this good. This left me almost speechless

    Not many years ago to mention 'the future of Liverpool' would have made you ridiculous. People in the University School of Architecture were seriously advocating urban retrenchment, depopulation, desertification and handing the many bits that did not work back to that old stranger, Nature. But now it is different. There is a daunting amount still to do beyond the city centre, but meanwhile Liverpool Vision is very publicly putting to the test a belief that I hold dear: the conviction and courage to make new buildings is a defining characteristic of healthy civilisations. And decent architecture stimulates society, culture and the economy as a whole.

    I love Liverpool. I really hope that the optimism of this article is realised and the glory of the place is restored. Perhaps even more, I hope that its inhabitants take pride in it. I don't mean that last part in any small way - I think the people of Liverpool have almost come to cherish the decline and the city sometimes exudes that brooding swagger. This place is full of amazing, beautiful and funny people and I hope the regeneration helps them fall back in love with their city and show the world that you can be great more than once. The people of Liverpool Vision deserve a very large pat on the back.

    Link to Imagine there's a heaven... | Art story | Guardian Unlimited Arts

  • Steve Clayton

    Rethinking Corporate Responsibility

    • 0 Comments is one of my favourite sites though I forget to go there now and then. I popped over recently and found this manifesto on Corporate and Social Responsibility which I thought was worth sharing. It's a pretty hardcore view of CSR that doesn't seem to have room for companies with blemishes on their record but then goes on to discuss their more detailed review of CSR that gets beneath the surface of a slogan or department. As you'd expect, it made me think about the whole Blue Monster thing and to what extend a corporation engenders CSR vs. it's employees embodying it...and which is more powerful. Hmm....that was a bit deep for a friday night.

    Have a read. It's a good one.  

    Link to ChangeThis :: Why Corporate “Goodness” is Not Enough: Rethinking Corporate Responsibility

  • Steve Clayton

    Home Server and the blue thing


    Charlie Kindel is the Windows Home Server man and thanks to an eagle eyed Geek Squad reader we now know he's a big fan of the Blue Monster. At 9.30s in his Channel 9 video you can see the image behind him so I emailed him to ask him about it. He replied with a link to is blog post on it

    "I can't imagine anywhere else where I would have a greater chance of changing the world.”

    As Hugh would say, Rock On!

    Link to Change the world or go home

  • Steve Clayton

    5 ways businesses can benefit from Web 2.0



    I love the reach of the blogosphere. No sooner has a posted about our Partnering for the Future initiative than a UK partner, True Clarity, replied to let me know they're already motoring along on this stuff. In fact they've written a lovely whitepaper about it that you can get for free from their site. It covers

    • What is Web 2.0?
    • How to find new customers on the social networks
    • How to use blogs to enhance customer relations
    • How to use community tools for knowledge management
    • How to allow customers self-support
    • How to create a mash-up to add functionality to your site

    it makes a very nice addition to Reactive's paper on Web 2.0 for the Travel and Tourism Industry and I'm now off to chat with Andy from True Clarity to see what we could be doing with them on this!

    Link to 5 ways businesses can benefit from Web 2.0 - True Clarity - Technology that talks business

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