March, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    A black day in the blogosphere


    The top search on is Kathy Sierra today. Under normal circumstances, any blogger would love that publicity, but not today. Katie's post today is the first of several I have read about the unbelievable situation Kathy finds herself in - her life being threatened by some mindless idiots.

    This woman writes one of the best blogs in the world but is now confined to her home and scared for her life. I'm speechless. I just got off the phone with Hugh and though I didn't discuss it with him, his post mirrors pretty much everyone's sentiments. Scoble's taking the week off he's so disgusted - the same sites are attacking his wife, the lovely Maryam.

    Though I doubt you will want to read more, it's the only topic in the blogosphere today and Techmeme is awash with it. Seriously, some of the comments are out of control so I'd encourage you to use your judgement before following some of the links.

    Off outside for some fresh air.

    Link to Katie's Blog: Blog bullies...or should i say cowards


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  • Steve Clayton

    Execupundit: Quote of the Day


    On a long monday this one made me smile :)


    I gave him an unlimited budget and he exceeded it.

    - Edward Bennett Williams

    Link to Quote of the Day

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Vista on TalkSport


    Though I don't like the name of the product, I love what it does. My old mucker Ewan posted this yesterday after he heard me talk about it on TalkSport with a guy who called in to the show. As Ewan says "It's basically a superset of the built-in Windows Mail application from Windows Vista, which supercedes Outlook Express." which means is handles Hotmail, POP/IMAP accounts and also has a built in RSS feed reader. It has a search feature much like it's big brother, Outlook 2007, and a great drag and drop UI.  You can get it from 

    If you've not come across Ewan's stuff before, you should wander your mouse over to his house. He always blogs smart stuff and is on the ball. Within minutes of my TalkSport interview finishing, he's dropped me an email to say he'd heard I was going "on air" and recorded the interview using his Windows Media Centre and fired the resulting WMA file over to me. Top bloke though quite what Electric Wand refers to I'm not prepared to comment :)

    Link to The Electric Wand : Windows Live Mail Desktop - replaces Outlook Express for Hotmail use

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    Bill Gates talks about small business


    You may have heard about Response Point - we announced it last week as a small business (under 100 peeps) IP phone system. It sounds smokin' and includes a PC management console so you can have your own mission control centre to setup things like call routing, voice mail, voicemail to email, Outlook integration and more. Sounds fantastic and Eileen covers more about it on her blog - including the amazing secrecy around it. How it didn't leak I don't know.

    Best of all though check out the video with Bill talking to Mark McCracken, CEO of Comenity, about Response Point and small business. About half way through the video I though "mmm, I recognise that voice". Sure enough is was the man himself. Very cool.

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  • Steve Clayton

    Adding me to your feed reader

    AddThis Feed Button

    I found this handy little button - more accureately created it - from AddThis following a link from Steve Rubel. A simple way to add my feed to your favourite feed reader be that Google Reader, Yahoo, Windows Live, Newsgator etc etc.

    You can get your own button from AddThis

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