March, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Live Search for finding Blogs and RSS Feeds



    Some new features are quietly being added to Live Search around RSS, blogs etc. Amit has a pretty good round up of them. Check out which has a beta of a Live Search for blogs similar to Google Blog Search.

    Link to Microsoft Live Search for finding Blogs and RSS Feeds at Digital Inspiration

  • Steve Clayton

    I always wanted to be a journalist



    ...and now Wired is making my dream come true...well, maybe. In a bizarre Jim'll Fix It moment, I found an open source journalism project that Wired has kicked off. They're trying an experiment to see if a group can write an article - ironically about crowdsourcing. Should be fun. Maybe.

    Check out Assignment Zero


    bonus link: build your own Jim'll Fit It badge!


    Link to Wired News: Citizen Journalism Wants You!

  • Steve Clayton

    Can I tell you why Microsoft UK is blogging?



    I had the pleasure of presenting with Helen Love today at the Social Media Forum and encouraged people to Love The Orange. The orange in question is that one up there - you know, the RSS icon. The room was full of media folks from some big organisations like Vodafone, ING Direct, BAT, Kone and others. You can find out more from the Melcrum blog.

    We were followed by the wonderful Debbie Weil who presented some of her recent research on blogging. Apparently 85% are not using blogs. Wow! I hope we helped convince a few of them to join the blogosphere. We were both pretty forceful about saying GET IN THE GAME - people are blogging about your company. Look at and find out who. Join the conversation.

    Here are my slides but you'll notice something - they're mainly images. I go along with Seth's views that slides aren't much use without the person. You can probably infer what I said from some of it but I'd like to think I added something to them. The guys at Vodafone thought so as they asked me to come chat with them about it. Guess what...I'm more than happy to. So here's the deal,

    • If you'd like me to chat with you or your company about this, let me know. I'd be delighted to share our experiences if I can.

    Some great qustions today. Here's the ones I can remember

    • How much time do I take blogging?
      Too long but my management see the benefit and empower me with the latitude
    • Should we start internal or external with our blog?
      External. Now. Do it. The internal people will read it anyway so you get 2x the power. At least
    • How do you deal with criticism in comments?
      By defusing the emotion and engaging the person in a conversation. Most people are surprised when they hear Microsoft is listening
    • Why did you remove "be wary of team blogs" from your slides
      This would be my number 11 item. I'm not saying don't but just recognise that a team blog has difficulty in having a personality.

    Final point. Go read Debbie's book. Along with Scoble it's the other bible.

  • Steve Clayton

    Preview PDF's in Outlook


    I found this via James Senior and if you're running Outlook on Vista it's a must have. Quite simply, if you like the way Outlook 2007 previews document formats like Word, JPEG and others you can now do this with PDF. Tim Heuer who developed the fantastic Flickr plugin for Windows Live Writer has worked with Foxit to produce this PDF preview viewer for Outlook 2007. No more explanation needed - it does what it says on the tin!

    Download Foxit PDF Preview Handler

    Link to Foxit PDF Preview Handler

  • Steve Clayton

    Google Cell Phone



    Not link bait. Honest.
    My guess is it's not using Windows Mobile as the OS. In fact my guess is this is not real as I don't see it as a logical step for Google. Hardware, and phones in particular is a very different business and a pretty tricky one. I'm not sure how this would make sense over and above simply providing Google apps and services on existing devices.

    Link to Google Cell Phone at Digital Inspiration

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