April, 2007

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    Blue Monster coming to Mix07



    I'm heading out to Mix07 in Vegas on Saturday with James Akrigg and will be bringing some Blue Monster lithographs with me. I'll also likely have my Blue Monster polo shirt on now and then so feel free to nudge me and say hi. I'll have a few lithographs to give away and am working up a cunning plan to figure out who to. Stay tuned

    Meantime, I've decided to post another signed Blue Monster litho on eBay for charity. The last one went for £200 to JP Rangaswami so lets see if we can beat that amount and raise more money for the NSPCC. I'll post a link to the auction soon.  

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    Linux is smoking


    Smoking penguins? What next? 

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    The First Ever IT Guy


    Brilliant - some things don't change :)


    Hat tip to Katie who found this on Robert Paterson's blog

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    Microsoft: where is the romance?



    Part of me wanted to link to Paul's Microsoft…forget the blue monster…make it personal post just to share this image. I think it's brilliant.
    His premise is that Microsoft needs to start telling personal stories to connect with our audience, and specifically Bill's story. I think the personal stories bit is important but disagree with the Bill story. It's been well told and well remixed to date but Paul makes an interesting analogy with Apple and Steve Jobs that I've been considering for a while. The romance of the company founder story and what happens when they leave.

    We all know that Apple = Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs = Apple.

    But what happens when Steve leaves/steps-down etc? Does Apple continue to be cool? I'm not so sure and I don't see anyone in the wings waiting to take over from his coolness. Will it affect Apple? Who knows but it certainly did when he wasn't there. However, they do have genius folks like Jonathan Ive around now cranking out amazing products. Back to Paul's point though

    We all know that Microsoft = Bill Gates and Bill Gates = Microsoft

    But, we also know that Bill is leaving. He's presence will still be felt but in reality his influence on the company will be much less. However, Microsoft has built what American's call "a good bench" and in particular I think Ray Ozzie could become the new Microsoft. I said as much in my recent review of his Wharton interview and as people get to know him I think he'll help change the image and perception of Microsoft from the top. Just in good time to sync with the image change that his happening from the bottom and it'll be interesting to see when and where (or if) to two clash.

    Imagine your legacy being "I'm the guy who saved/changed Microsoft. Ozzie has that in his power but so do the groundswell of softies telling their stories. The web has given our company image a chance for democracy just when it needed it.

    Link to blending the mix » Blog Archive » Microsoft…forget the blue monster…make it personal

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    I came back from holiday this week and Ben mentioned Silverlight to me. I had to own up and say "huh?" and was told that this is the new name for WPF/E. Awww, come on....WPF/E rolled off the tongue so much better than Silverlight ;)

    Weird change of approach perhaps? We used to have cool code names like Origami that we then changed to Ultra Mobile PC but here it looks like we've gone the other way. PLEASE don't tell me Silverlight is the new codename and we're going to change it again? Doesn't look like it. Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Silverlight site Silverlight enabled on April 30th. Do they have something else up their sleeve ? :)

    Meantime, check out their cool downloads

    Hat tip to Jeremy

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